SWEDEN WANTLIST (postally used only - not mint or CTO)
Wayne Berthin, 5435 Kiowa Road Victoria BC, V9E 1J9, Canada
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Scott Catalogue numbers based on year 2007 edition
Michel Catalogue numbers based on www.briefmarken.de
Michel numbers are for reference only and if there is any descrepancy the Scott numbers govern.
Last updated on January 18, 2013
Values for Used Stamps: Where the catalogue value is higher for a used stamp than a mint stamp the higher value will apply only if the stamp is clearly postmarked from a time period close to the date of issue, and the cancellation appears to be a genuine postal cancel only (not a revenue cancel, a fiscal cancel, forged cancel, a favour cancel, a pen cancel, a CTO or a smudged or illegible cancel).
Regular Issues:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1855 22Coat of Arms 4s light blue
  1858-61 6,7,9,11,126,7,9,11,12 Coat of Arms 5o green; 9o violet; 12o ultramarine; 30o brown; 50o rose
  1862-69 13,14,15,1614,15,??,16 Lion and Arms 3o bister brown; 17o red violet; 17o gray; 20o vermillion
  1872-77 17-20
Numeral Type
perf 14
3o bister brown; 4o gray; 5o blue green; 6o violet;
6o gray; 20o vermillion;
30p pale brown; 50o rose; 1rd bister & blue (Coat of Arms)
  1877-79 30,37 Numeral Type
perf 13
30 yellow brown; 1rd bister & blue (Coat of Arms)
  1885 Jan 1 3928 King Oscar II
(no post horn on back)
10o dull rose
  1885 44,4933,37 Numeral Type
with post horn on back
6o red lilac; 1k bister & dark blue (Coat of Arms)
  1889, Oct 1 5140 Surcharged 10o on 24o orange
  1903, Oct 26 6654 Post Office 5k blue
  1911 7060 Gustaf V
wmk crown
5o green (Stanley Gibbons #61, Facit #75)
  1911 75,7655,56 King Oscar II
20o blue; 25o red orange
  1920-21 127,129 Heraldic Lion
perf 10 all around
10o green, 30o brown
  1920-26 130,131 Heraldic Lion
perf 10 all around
wmk wavy lines
5o green, 10o green
  1920-26 133,134 Heraldic Lion
coils perf 13 vertically
5o copper red, 10o green
  1920-26 135-138 Heraldic Lion
coils perf 13 vertically
wmk wavy lines
5o green, 5o copper red, 10o green, 10o violet
  1921 143 Gustav V 20o blue perf 10 all around unwartermarked
  1920 144 Gustav V 20o blue perf 10 all around wartermarked wavy lines
  1920-34 149 Crown & Post Horn 70o red brown coil perf 10 vertically unwartermarked
  1920-34 161-163 Crown & Post Horn
coils perf 10 vertically
wmk wavy lines
60o red violet; 80o blue green; 110o ultramarine
  1920, July 28 165 Gustavus Adolphus 20o blue coil perf 10 vertically wartermarked wavy lines
  1922-25 174,188 Gustaf V
coils perf 10 vertically
25o rose red; 145o apple green
  1921-36 189 Gustaf V 15o violet coil perf 10 vertically wartermarked wavy lines
  1922-36 190,193 Gustaf V
perf 10 all around
15o violet; 20o violet
  1921 June 194-196141-143 Gustavus Vasa 20o violet; 110o ultramarine; 140o gray black
  1924 July 4 197-208
Stockholm Skyline 5o red brown; 10o green unwatermarked; 15o dark violet; 20o rose red; 25o deep orange; 30o deep blue; 35o black; 40o olive green; 45o deep brown; 50o gray; 60o violet brown; 80o myrle green; 10o green wmk wavy lines
  1924 July 4 209-211156-158 Gustav V 1k green; 2k rose red; 5k deep blue
  1924, Aug 16 213-224,228159-170,214? Postrider 5o red brown; 10o green  15o dark violet; 20o rose red; 25o deep orange; 30o deep blue; 300 greenish blue; 35o black; 40o olive green; 45o deep brown; 50o gray; 60o violet brown; 80o myrle green; 10o green wmk wavy lines
  1924 Aug 16 225-227171-173 Carrier Pigeon 1k green; 2k rose red; 5k deep blue
  1932 Nov 1 230216? Death of Gustavus Adolphus perf 10 all around 10o dark violet
  1933 Dec 6 236,238220?,220? Sunlight in Bowl 5o green perf 10 all around; 5o green coil perf 13 vertically
  1936 Feb 20 256,257,259
300th Aniversary of Postal Service 30o yellow brown Mail Coach; 35o plum 1855 Stamp; 45o myrtle green Postmaster; 50o gray Mail Truck; 1k deep blue Airplane
  1936 May 23 263239 Bromma Airport 50o ultramarine
  1938 Jan 29 267244 Emanuel Swedenborg 100o green
  1938 Apr 8 271,273248,245B Wilmington 30o ultramarine Holy Trinity Church; 5o green Johann Printz perf 12 1/2 all around
  1939 280,289 Gustav V definitive
original engraving
not lighted background
10o viloet coil perf 12 1/2 vertically; 10o viloet perf 12 1/2 all around
  1939 288 Three Crowns Definitive 1.45k light yellow green coil perf 12 1/2 vertically
  1940 Sept 5 314279? Tobias Sergel 15o light brown perf 12 1/2 vertically
  1942 July 1 333,334293,294 Rudenschold and Mansson 10o magenta perf 12 1/2 vertically; 90o light blue
  1943 June 16 338297 Gustaf V 20o red coil perf 12 1/2 horizontally
  1945 Feb 27 359211? Red Cross 20o red perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1946 May 28 371320 Angel & Lund Cathedral 90o ultramarine
  1948 398339 3 Crown definitive 1.75k bright greenish blue
  1951, June 6 424356? Gustaf VI definitive 10o dull green letters in colour without imprint pperf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1952 Apr 19 434367? Olaus Petri Preaching 25o gray black perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1952 442 Gustaf VI defnitive 20o gray letters in colour without imprint perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1953 Nov 2 454,455387,385D Telegraph Service 60o Telegraph coil perf 12 1/2 horizontally; 25o Telephone perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1954 Feb 13 464388D Skiing 20o Skier perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1955 July 1 479-483406-410 Coat of Arms 3o yellow green; 4o blue; 6o gray; 8o orange yellow; 24o salmon
  1955 July 21 486411D Per Atterbom 20o dark blue perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1956 Apr 16 489415 Greek Horseman 40o gray green
  1957 June 1 502423 Gustaf VI defnitive 25o dark brown coil perf 12 1/ vertically letters in colour without imprint
  1958 Feb 10 522437 Ships 40o gray olive
  1960 June 30 558459D Rifle Shooting 15o rose carmine perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1962 579 Gustaf VI defnitive 50o gray green white numerals coil perf 12 1/2 vertically
  1961-65 581,582,585 Gustaf VI definitives
white numerals
perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
15o red; 20o gray; 30o lilac
  1961 Apr 17 595 K.G. Pilo 1.40k prussian blue
  1961 Dec 9 606 Roentgen, Prudhomme 20o vermillion perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1962 Sep 24 616 Skokloster Castle 50o dark slate green perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1963 Feb 15 622 Hockey 25o green perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1963 Dec 10 639 Nobel Prize Winners 25o gray olive Arrhenius,Finson,Bjornson perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1964 June 12 646 archbishopric of Uppsala 60o orange brown perf on sides and straight on top and bottom
  1964-71 653 Gustave VI Adolf
(white letters)
coil perf 12 1/2 vertically
60o rose carmine
  1964 667
Numeral Definitive 15o brown
  1964-71 668,672
Gustave VI Adolf
(white letters)
perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
30o rose red; 50o green; 55o dark red; 85o deep claret
  1964 Dec 10 675 Nobel Prize Winners 30o blue Eizaguirre,Mistral perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1965 Apr 5 677
Visby Town Wall 30o dark carmine rose
  1965 May 17 681,682 ITU 1.40k bluish black; 60o lilac perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1966 Jan 15 695 Nathan Soderblom 60o brown perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1966 Feb 18 696-698 Speed Skating 5o rose red; 25o slate green; 40o dark blue
  1966 June 15 705 Stage, Drottningholm Court 25o olive bister
  1966 Dec 10 712 Nobel Prize Winners 30o rose lake Thomson,Carducci perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1967 Feb 15 718 EFTA 70o orange perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1967 June 16 732 Finnish Settlers 35o kdark blue & multicoloured
  1971 741,746 Definitive series coil stamps 25o black Griffin on bister background; 55o blue & violet Gothenburg Harbour perf 12 1/2 vertically
  1967-1972 758,764 Definitive series perf on 3 sides 30o ultramarine & vermillion Flower; 90o sepia & blue gray Elk
  1967 Dec 9 771 Nobel Prize Winners 35o vermillion Buchner, Michelson perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1968 Apr 3 775 Franz Berwald 35o black & red perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1968 Jun 4 780,781 Lund University Seal 10o deep blue; 35o red
  1968 June 4 783,784 Wid Flowers 45o gray green Wood anemone; 45o slate green & rose carmine Dog rose;
  1968 July 4 789 Council of Churches 70o plum perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1968 Oct 28 797,798 Axel Petersson 25o sepia; 45o black brown & red brown
  1968 Nov 9 799-803 Animals 30o blue Rabbit; 30o black Hawk; 30o dark brown Fox; 30o dark black Crows & Eagle; 30o blue blue Weasel
  1970 June 5 854 Arctic 45o Skiing
  1970 Sep 28 862-865 Indusrty 70o indigo, light brown & deep plum Shipping; 70o indigo & deep plum Propeller; 70o indigo & deep plum Power Dam; 70o indigo & deep plum Mining
  1970 Dec 10 881 Nobel Prize Winners 45o violet Heyse perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1971 Feb 19 885 Kerstin Hesselgren 45o deep claret on gray perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1971, Nov 10 908 Cristmas 35o slate green Sleigh ride
  1971 Dec 10 912,913 Maurice Maeterlinck 55o orange perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides; 65o green perf 12 1/2 on 3 sides
  1972 Feb 23 914,916,917 Women Athletes 55o Fencing; 55o Gymnastics; 55o Tennis
  1972 Oct 7 945 18th Century Art 75o dark brown, black & dark carmine, Queen Sofia Magdalena by Carl Gustaf Pilo
  1972 Oct 7 946-950 Types of 1936 10o dark carmine; 15o yellow green; 40o deep lake; 50o deep claret; 60o deep blue
  1972 Nov 11 981-983
Gustaf VI Adolf 75o violet blue, King with book; 75o slate, Chinese Objects; 75o maroon green, King opening parliament;  75o slate green, King with flowers
  1973 Sep 22 1005-1009 Swedish Explorers 1k Thunberg; 1k Sparrman; 1k Nordenskjold; 1k Andree; 1k Hedin
  1974 June 7 1087 Scenes of the West Coast 65o crimson Sailboats
  1975 Mar 25 1112-1115 Treasures from tombs 10o dull red Horseman, Helmet Decoration; 15o slate green Scabbard and Hilt; 20o violet Shield Buckle; 55o violet brown Iron Helmet
  1975 June 13 1126 Heritage 75o black Gunpowder Tower, Visby
  1976 June 19 1169 Angermanland 85o violet blue Angerman River
  1978 Oct 7 1259
Mushrooms 1.15k Orange Russula; 1.15k Macrolepiota procera; 1.15k Cantharellus cibarius; 1.15k Boletus edulis; 1.15k Ramaria botrytis
  1979, May 7 1289,1290 Gota Canal 1.15k violet blue Sailing ship; 1.15k slate green Rowboat
  1979, Oct 6 1298a-d Swedish Rococo 90o Potpouri Pot; 1.15k Portrait by Scheffel; 1.30k Silver Coffeepot; 1.70k Bust of Cronstedt
  1979, Oct 6 1299,1301,1303 Sea Resaerch 1.70k Herrings age determination; 1.70k Water bloom of algae; 1.70k Research ship Argos
  1980, Jan 29 1313-1317 Renewable Energy 1.15k dark blue Wind power; 1.15k dark green & bistre Biodegradable material; 1.15k yellow orange Solar energy; 1.15k dark green Geothermal energy; 1.15k dark blue & dark green Hydro power
  1980 Nov 18 1341-1344 Nobel Prize Winners 1.15k dark blue gray, Knut Hamsum; 1.15k red August Krogh; 2k green, Charles Edouard Guillaume; 2k Walther Nernst
  1981 Jan 29 1345 Ernst Wigforss 5k rose carmine
  1981 Jan 29 1346,1348,1350 Mythological Characters 10o blue black Thor; 50o dark carmine Frey; 1k blue black Odin
  1981-1984 1371 King & Queen Definitives 2.40k greenish black
  1981 Sep 9 1382 2.40k dark blue Tennis
  1981 Oct 10 1386a-e Films 1.50k Olof Ahs in The Coachman; 1.50k Ingrid Bergman in Intermezzo; 1.65k Greta Garbo in The Gosta Berling Saga; 1.65k Stig Jarrel in Persecution; 2.40k Kari Sylwan in Cries and Whispers;
  1982 Feb 16 1392 John Bauer 1.65k Knight on Horseback
  1982 Oct 9 1419a-d Orchids 1.65k Early Purple Orchid; 1.65k Lady's slipper; 1.65k March helleborine; 1.65k Elder flowered Orchid
  1982 Nov 24 1428 Nobel Prize Winners 2.40k Dirac
  1983 Feb 10 1446 Nils Ferlin 6k dark green
  1983 May 25 1462-1465 STOCKHOLMIA 1k blue stamp on stamp 10o King Oscar II; 2k red stamp on stamp 10o King Oscar II; 3k blue stamp on stamp 10o King Oscar II; 4k green stamp on stamp 10o King Oscar II
  1983 Oct 1 1473b-e 1.80k Abuara (opera); 1.80k Lars Gullin (saxophone); 1.80k ABBA; 1.80k Hins-Anders (violin)
  1983 Nov 22 1478-1482 Nobel Prize Winners 2.70k slate Tiselius;  2.70k deep bue violet Dehevsy; 2.70k red lilac Arrenius; 2.70k blue black Svedberg; 2.70k greenish black Von Euler Chelpin
  1984 June 6 1496-1501 Patent System 2.70k red Paraffin stove; 2.70k sepia Industrial robot; 2.70k green Fan Suction vacuum cleaner; 2.70k green Inboard outboard motor; 2.70k sepia Integrated circuit 2.70k blue Tetrahedrom container
  1984 June 6 1502 Stockholmia '86 1k Erik XIV marriage proposal to Queen Elizabeth I
  1984 Aug 28 1506 Women's Rights 150k pink Fredrika Bremer Association
  1984 Aug 28 1509-1513 Engravings 1.90k Karlstad; 1.90k Gavle; 1.90k Sigtuna; 1.90k Norrkoping; 1.90k Vadstena
  1984 Oct 13 1516a-e Aviation History 1.90k Thulin D Two Seater; 1.90k SAAB 90 Scandia; 1.90k Carl Gustaf Cederstrom; 1.90k Tomten; 2.70k Carl Nyberg's Flugan;
  1986-1989 1576,1579 King & Queen 3.30k dark rose brown; 3.90k violet blue
  1989 May 17 1738 Europa 3.30k lilac Children Sailing Toy Boats
  1989 Aug 22 1749,1751
Arctic 3.30k Aircraft Temperature Experiment; 3.30k Icebreaker; 3.30k Penguins, tall ship, longboat; 3.30k Surveying, albatross
  1989 Aug 22 1756-1760 Smaland Business 2.30k Assembly Equipment; 2.30k Sewing Machines; 2.30k Glassware; 2.30k Metal Springs; 2.30k Matchsticks
  1989 Nov 24 1774 Physiology 3.60k Arber,Nathans,Smith
  1990 Jan 26 1779 National Parks 4.10k Padjelanta Park
  1990 Mar 28 1811,1812 Europa 3.80k Sollebrunn; 3.80k Vasteras
  1990 May 15 1813-1818 Equestrian Games 3.80k Endurance riding; 3.80k Jumping tests; 3.80k Show jumping; 3.80k Dressage; 3.80k Volting; 3.80k 4 in hand
  1990 Oct 6 1842a Stamp Day Souvernir Sheet of 3 stamps - 2.50k Bellows camera; 2.50k August Strindberg; 2.50k 35mm camera
  1990 Oct 6 1846-1848 Clouds 4.50k Cumulonimbus; 4.50k Cirrus; 4.50k Alto cumulus
  1990 Nov 27 1851-1854 Nobel Laureates 3.80k Par Lagerkvist; 3.80k Ernest Hemingway; 3.80k Albert Camus; 3.80k Boris Pasternak
  1991 Jan 30 1861,1864,1866 Maps 5k Carta Marina by Magnus; 5k Contour map; 5k Bedrock map;
  1991 May 15 1892,1893 Europa 4k Freja satellite; 4k Tele-X satellite
  1991 Oct 5 1904-1906 King Gustavus III 10k blue; 10k violet; 10k greenish black
  1991 Nov 21 1914,1917 Nobel Laureates 4k carmine Dunant; 4k violet Sakharov
  1992 Mar 26 1943,1944 Stamp on Stamp 2.80k; 4.50k
  1992 Mar 26 1946a Sailing Ships Souvenir Sheet of 3 stamps - 4.50k Sprengtporten 4.50k Superb 4.50k Big 
  1992 Aug 27 1963-1968 Paintings 5.50k Rembrandt; 5.50k Francois Boucher; 5.50k Albrecht Durer; 5.50k Erik Wahlberg; 5.50k Carl Fredrik Hill; 5.50k Carl Larsson
  1992 Oct 3 1969-1972 Prehistoric Animals 2.80k Plateosaurus; 2.80k Thoraco-saurus scanicus; 2.80k Coelodonta antiquitatis; 2.80k Mannutus primigenius
  1992 Oct 3 1973 Automobiles 4k Saab
  Jan 28, 1993 1985-1987
Sports Championships 6k Gliding; 6k Wrestling; 6k Table tennis; 6k Team Handball; 6k Cross-country skiing
  1993 Mar 25 1993,1994 Gothenburg 3.50k Roller coster; 3.50k Fountain of Poseidon
  1993 May 21 2017a Contemporary Art Souvenir Sheet of 3 stamps - 5k Oguasark by Olle Baertling; 5k Ade Lidic Nander II by Oyvind Fahlstrom; 5k The Cubist Chair by Carlsund
  1993 Aug 26 2028-2031 Sea Birds 5k Mergus serrator; 5k Melanitta fusca; 5k Aythya fuligula; 5k Somateria mollissima
  1993 Oct 2< 2034-2036 Carl XVI Gustaf 8k King holding flag; 8k King; 10k Queen Silvia
  1993 Nov 25 2040 6k Toni Morrison
  1994 May 18 2061-2064 Cats 4.50k Siamese; 4.50k Persian; 4.50k European; 4.50k Abyssinian;
  1994 Mar 18 2066-2070 Swedish-French 5k Swedish, French Flags; 5k House of Nobility by de la Vallee; 5k Household Chores by Hillestrom 5k Banquet for Gustavus III by Lafrensen; 5k Charles XIV John by Gerard
  1994 May 11 2076-2081 Swedish Design 6.50k Vase by Wennerberg; 6.50k Table & Chair by Malmsten; 6.50k Cabinet by Franck; 6.50k Bowl by Hald; 6.50k Jug by Nilsson; 6.50k Fork and Spoon by Persson
  1994 May 11 2083 Moon Landing 6.50k multicoloured
  1994 Aug 26 2088a Explorers Souvenir Sheet of 3 stamps - 5.50k Nordenskiold; 5.50k Rosen; 5.50k Bergman
  1994 Aug 26 2091 Track Meet 4.50k Javlin
  1994 Aug 26 2096 Yes and No 3.20k Nej
  1994 Oct 1 2097,2099 World Wildlife Fund 5.50k Sterna caspia; 5.50k Dendrocopos leuotos
  1994 Oct 1 2101 Bengtsson 6.40k multicoloured
  1994 Nov 11 2103 Nobel Laureates 5.50k Johnson
  1995 Mar 17 2116-2119 Wood Sculptures 5k Walt Whitman, Chris Socrates; 5k Patrice Lumumba, Albert Schwitzer, children dancing; 6k Walt Whitman, Chris Socrates; 6k Patrice Lumumba, Albert Schwitzer, children dancing;
  1995 May 12 2127-2130 Trams 7.50k rose claret Gothenburg c.1900; 7.50k deep brown violet Norrkoping 1905; 7.50k deep green Helsingborg 1921; 7.50k gray violet Kiruna 1958
  1995 Aug 3 2137 Track & Field 7.50k Maria Akraka
  1995 Aug 3 2138-2143 Motion Pictures 6k Soldier Bom, 1948; 6k Sir Arne's Treasure, 1919; 6k Wild Strawberries, 1957; 6k House of Angels, 1992; 6k One Summer of Happiness, 1951; 6k The Apple War, 1971
  1995 Nov 9 2152,2154 Christmas Candlesticks 3.35k Apple; 3.35k Red woodenv
  1995 Nov 9 2155-2158 Novel Prize Fund 6k Alfred Nobel, Last Will & Testament; 6k Nobel's Home; 6k Bjorkborn Laboratory; 6k Wilhelm Rontgen receiveing prize
  1996 Jan 2 21601922-1924 Winter Berries 3.50k Rowan Berries
  1996 Apr 19 2164-21671933-1936 Carl XVI Gustaf 10k King Carl in Forest; 10k King Carl in Front of Portrait; 10k King Carl in Carriage with Family
  1996 Apr 19 21701939 Historic Buildings 3.85k Parish storehouse, Smaland
  1996 May 3 21751943,1944 Famous Women 6k Astrid Lindgren
  1996 Aug 23 2191-21941955-1958 Ecopark 7.50k Pelousen, grassy area, Haga Park; 7.50k Copper tents, Haga Park; 7.50k Rosendals Palace, roe deer; 7.50k Isbladskarret, marsh birds;
  1996 Nov 8 22001969,1971 Christmas 3.50k Book of Hours
  1996 Nov 8 2203,2204
Nobel Laureates 5k Bergstrom; 5k Samuelsson; 5k Granit
  1997 Jan 2 2208,22091985,1986 Animals 3.50k Nyclea scandiaca; 7.70k Ciconia ciconia
  1997 Jan 2 2212,2213
Churches 3.85k Hagby; 3.85k Overtornea; 3.85k Ostra Amtervik
  1997 Jan 2 22181983 Love 3.85 yellow & multicoloured
  1997 Aug 21 2246,22472017,2018 Museum of Antiquities 8k Muses Gallery with label attached; 8k Endymion with label attached
  1997 Oct 4 22532024 Classic Cars 5k 1961 E-Type Jaguar
  1997 Nov 13 2254,22552025,2026 Alfred Nobel 7k light pink & black; 7k gray & black
  1998 Mar 19 2277,22782041,2042 Handicrafts 8k Lovikka Mitten; 8k Boxes made from wood shavings
  1999 Mar 11 2341,23422100,2101 Ships - Australia '99 8k Beatrice; 8k SS Austalic
  1999 Aug 12 2354a-f
Signs of the Zodiac (5k) Aquarius; (5k) Pisces; (5k) Aries; (5k) Taurus; (5k) Gemini; (5k) Cancer; (5k) Leo; (5k) Virgo; (5k) Lebra; (5k) Scorpio; (5k) Sagittarius; (5k) Capricorn
  1999 Aug 12 2356a-d2125-2128 Butterflies 6k Ianchis; 6k Junonia orithya wallacei; 6k Hypolimnas bolina; 6k Vanessa atalanta
  1999 Sep 30 2357,23582141,2142 Nobel Laureates 7k Auguste Beernaert; 7k Henri La Fontaine
  1999 Oct 2 2359a-d2143-2146 Dance Bands (5k) Thorieifs; (5k) Arvingarna; (5k) Lotta Engbergs; (5k) Sten & Stanley
  1999 Nov 18 2360-23642147-2151 Christmas (4.5k) Nativity Klinte Church; (4.5k) Nativity Hablingbro Church; (4.5k) Three Kings Hablingbro Chruch; 6k Madonna & child icons; 6k Skanninge Church
  1999 Dec 27 2365,23662152,2153 Heligholmen Island 5k Island rocks; 5k Island Map
  2000 Jan 13 2367-23692154-2156 Year of the Dragon (5k) Dragon if flight (mouth shut); (5k) Dragon with basket; (5k) Dragon in flight (mouth open)
  2000 Mar 17 2374Block 15 Souvenir Sheet 50k Czeslaw Slania's 1000th postage stamp
  2000 Mar 17 23782175 Forests 6k Birch in Forest
  2000 May 9 2392,23932177,2178 Oresund Bridge 6k blue Bridge; 6k green Map
  2000 Aug 17 2395a-d2182-2185 Olympics 8k Man running hurdles; 8k Man archery; 8k Man windsurfing; 8k Woman volleyball
  2000 Aug 17 2396a-f2186-2191 Sky Conditions (5k) red with Clouds & Sun; (5k) reddish & blue with Clouds & Lightning; (5k) black, blue & light yellow with Clouds & Rainstorm; (5k) black, dark blue with Aurora Borealis; (5k) blue,  white with Rainbow; (5k) blue & white with Cumulus Clouds
  2000 Aug 17 23982193 Queen Silvia 8k red
  2000 Oct 7 2399a,2399b2000,2001 Nobel Laureates 7k maroon Wislawa Szymborska; 7k gray Nelly Sachs
  2000 Oct 7 2400a-f2194-2199 Toys (5k) Doll, tea set, teady bear; (5k) Marbles, tin soldier, yo-yo, jump rope; (5k) Pine cone cow, doll, horse-drawn wagon; (5k) Cars & policeman; (5k) Model train, mechanical men; (5k) Lego car, robot, Furbee
  2000 Nov 16 24012202 Christmas (4.30k) Four Sanatas with green suites and beer
  2000 Nov 16 2402a-d2203-2206 Christmas (4.30k) Four children dancing around a Christmas tree; (4.30k) Three gingerbread men; (4.30k) Running fox with blue pants; (4.30k) Three children wth candles;
  2000 Nov 16 2403a,2403b2207,2208 Christmas 6k white with Snowflakes; 6k Blue with Snowflakes
  2001 Jan 31 2406a-d2211-2214 World Heritage Sites 6k Gammelstad Church Village; 6k Karlskrona Naval Port; 6k Theater Drottningholm Palace; 6k Engelsberg Ironworks
  2001 Mar 22 2409,2411
Birds in Four Seasons (3.80K) Vanellus vanelius; 6k Larus argentalus; 7k Aegithalos caudatus
  2001 Mar 22 2413a-d2232-2235 Europa 7k dark green Waterways of Northern Sweden; 7k Large ship in Trollhättan Canal, trees; 7k light green Waterways of Southern Sweden; 7k gray Ship "juno" in Trollhättan Canal, duck
  2001 Mar 22 2414a-c2221-2223 Easter (5k) Orange egg; (5k) Purple egg; (5k) Chick
  2001 Mar 22 2415a-d2224-2227 Nobel Prize Centenary 8k Alfred Nobel with two medals; 8k Physiology or Medicine medal (Fysiologi, Medicin); 8k Physics or Chemistry medal (Fysik, Kemi); 8k Literature medal (Litteratur)
  2001 Aug 16 2418a,2418b2243,2244 Nobel Prize Centenary 8k Doctors Without Borders 8k Red Cross
  2001 Aug 16 2419a,2419b2248,2249 Daniel Solander 8k Daniel Solander; 8k Flower and ship Endeavour
  2001 Oct 6 2421a-f2250-2255 Aviation 5k Lilienthal Glider; 5k Royal Swedish Aero CLub; 5k Saab J-29, 1962; 5k Friedrichshafen FF49; 5k Trike Ultralight, 1999; 5k Doublas DC-3, 1938
  2001 Oct 6 2422a,2422b2256,2257 Stamp Design Contest (5k) Rollerblader; (5k) Letter falling though letter slot
  2001 Nov 21 24232258 Christmas (4.50k) green & red Christmas Tree
  2001 Nov 21 2424a-e2259-2263 Christmas (4.5k) Star on red; (4.5k) orange red & white Cracker on green and dark green; (4.5k) Angel on red and dark green; (4.5k) orange and red Heart on light green; (4.5k) light green Pyramidal Cone on red and dark green
  2001 Nov 21 2425a,2425b2264,2265 Christmas 6k Crumpled paper Goat; 6k Crumpled paper Christmas Tree
  2002 Jan 24 2429a-c2268-2270 Cartoons by Joanna Dranger (5k) Det tror; (5k) Men jag; (5k) Anej!!!
  202 Jan 24 2430a-b2271-2272 Antarctic Expedition 10k Scientists, ship, gull; 10k Ship, penguin
  2002 Mar 5 2431a-g2275-2281 Astrid Lindgren 5k Pippi Langstrump; 5k Karisson pa Taket; 5k Broderna Lejonhjarta (vert); 5k brown Asrid Lindgren; 5k Emil i Lonneberga (vert); 5k Lotta pa Brakmakargatan; 5k Madicken
  2002 Mar 21 24332290 Stockholm 10k claret
  2002 Mar 21 2434-24362286-2288 Artifacts from Birka (3.80k) purple Cross; (4.50k) blue Runic Stone; (5k) brownn & claret Man's Face
Stanley Gibons #2208-2210; Facit Catalogue # 2299-3301
  2002 Mar 23 2438a,2438b2291,2292 Kristianstad Sculptures 8k Structure by Takashi Naraha; 8k Sprung From, by Pal Svensson
  2002 May 2 2439a-d2295-2298 Europa Circus 8k Clown on pink Charlie Rivel (1896-1983); 8k Cloans Without Boarders nose to nose; 8k Cirkus Cirkör performer wiht large pink baloon on black background; 8k Cirkus Scott woman on elephant on yellow background
  2002 May 2 2440a,2440b2293,2294 Sweden/New Zealand Art 10k blue Rain Forest Glass Vase by Ola Höglund; 10k gold Maori Basket by Willa Rogers
  2002 Oct 5 2445a,2445b2320,2321 Royal Palaces 5k Sweden; 5k Thailand
  2002 Oct 5 2446a-d
Motorcycles 5k Hakan Carlqvist; 5k Sten Lundin; 5k Anders Eriksson; 5k Ulf Karisson; 5k Ove Fundin; 5k Tony Rickardssson; 5k Peter Linden; 5k Varg-Olle Nygren
  2002 Nov 21 24482322 Christmas (4.50k) Man with arm on Karl-Bertil's shoulder
  2002 Nov 21 2450a-d2323-2326 Christmas Churches 8k Kiruna Church; 8k Habo Church; 8k Sundborn Church; 8k Tensta Bell Tower
  2003 Jan 20 2453a-d2339-2342 Europa Posters 10k Aerotranport Anders Beckman 1935; 10k Kaos Restaurant Georg Magnusson 1930; 10k Large Milking Cow Owe Gustafson 1984; 10k Woodpecker Bird Carina Länk 1993
  2003 Mar 20 2457-24592343-2345 Regional Houses 2k Närke; 4k Bohuslän; 5k Medelpad
  2003 Mar 20 2460a-b2353-2354 Nobel Prize Winners 10k Santiago Ramon y Cajal; 10k Severo Ochoa
  2003 May 31 2465Block 17 St. Bridget 40k Souvenir Sheet
  2003 Oct 4 2469a,2469c
Water Birds 10k Recurvirostra Avosetta; 10k Gavia Arctica; 10k Podiceps Cristatus
  2003 Oct 4 24702367-2370 Indiaman Tall Ship Souvenir Sheet of 4 stamps
  2003 Nov 10 2471a-b2380,2381 Christmas at Sundborn 9k Martina med Frukostbrickan; 9k Kerstis Slädfärd;
  2003 Nov 10 24722375 Christmas (5k) Carl Larsson's Aftonvarden
  2003 Nov 10 2473a-d2376-2379 Christmas (5k) Girl in red coat with basket; (5k) Girl in green coat on skis; (5k) Girl in brown ocat pushing sledge; (5k) Girl in red dress by table
  2003 Nov 11 2474a-b2382,2383 Anna Lindh (5.50k) claret; 10k blue
  2004 Jan 26 24762385 Hand Tools (5k) blue Hand Saw
  2004 Jan 26 2479a-b2392,2393 Europa Lapland 10k Mountain with purple sky; 10k Tents near lake
  2004 Mar 26 2480Block 18 Norse Mythology Souvenir Sheet of two 10K stamps
  2004 Mar 26 2481a-d2402-2405 UNESCO Falun copper mine (5.50k) Excavation pit red mine shaft entrance building; (5.50k) Yellow green building with green roof & Red building with purple roof; (5.50k) Gray mine entrance building; (5.50k) Two miners on street with red buildings
  2004 Mar 26 2482a-f2396-2401 Soccer Association (5.50k) Nils Liedholm; (5.50k) Hanna Ljungberg; (5.50k) Fredrik Ljungberg; (5.50k) Henrik Larsson; (5.50k) Victoria Svensson; (5.50k) Thomas Ravelli
  2004 Aug 19 2485-24872419-2421 Cottages 3k Blacksmith's Cottage Uppland; 6k Dalsland Cottage; 8k Stone Cottage
  2004 Aug 19 2488,24902416,2418 Birds (5k) Collared Dove (Streptopelia Decaocto); 10k Woodpigeon (Coumba Palumbus)
  2004 Oct 1 2492a-d2422-2425 Nobel Prize Winners 10k William Butler Yeats by Building; 10k George Bernard Shaw with Sting Puppets; 10k Samuel Beckett with Play Actors; 10k Seamus Heaney by Cliffs Shoreline
  2004 Oct 2 2493a-h2426-2433 Rock Music 5.50k Jerry Williams; 5.50k Elvis Presley 5.50k Eva Dahlgren; 5.50k Ulf Lundell; 5.50k Tomas Ledin; 5.50k Pugh Rogefeldt; 5.50k Sahara Hotnights; 5.50k Louise Hoffsten
  2004 Nov 11 2495-24972444-2446 Houses 1k Miner's House; 7k Scanian Farm House; 9k Blekinge Cottage
  2004 Nov 11 2498a-d2439-2442 Winter Birds 10k Great tit (Parus major); 10k Yellowhammer (Emberiza citrinella); 10k Pine grosbeak (Pinicola enucleator); 10k Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula); Stanley Gibbons #2366-2369
  2004 Nov 11 24992434 Christmas Gnomes (5k) Gnome playing leap frog
  2004 Nov 11 2500a-d2435-2438 Christmas Gnomes (5k) Three Gnomes; (5k) Gnome with Christmas Tree; (5k) Two Gnomes with Chair on Skis; (5k) Gnome at Mailboxes
  2005 Jan 27 25022458 Queen Silvia 10k dark brown and orange
  2005 Jan 27 2503a-d2453-2456 UNESCO High Coast 10k Högbonden Lighthouse on cliffs & Birds on rocks; 10k Storön Nature Reserve Clifss and Flying Eagles; 10k Ulvön Small Fishing Boat at Dock; 10k Lakes near Häggvik; Stanley Gibbons #2378-2381
  2005 Jan 27 2504a-f2447-2452 Swedish Design (5.50k) light blue Glasswear by Ingegerd Raman; (5.50k) red Turnomatic Ticket Number Machine by A/E Design; (5.50k) gray whit and purple Speedway 9000 welding Helmet by Carl-Goran Crafoord; (5.50k) red Three Legged Camilla Chair by John Kandell; (5.50k) gray Woman's Watch by Vivianna Torum Bulow-Hube; (5.50k) red and gray Streamliner Toy Car by Ulf Hanses
  2005 Mar 10 2507a-c2463-2465 Europa Gastronomy (5.50k) yellow Lemon Star Anise Elderberry Marmalade; (5.50k) red Apples rosemary Jerusalem artichokes; (5.50k) green Chives white Goat Cheese purple Beets
  2005 May 26 25092482 Tumba Bruk 15k Mother Svea
  2005 May 26 2512a-d2474-2477 150th Anniversary Swedish Postage Stamp (5.50k) Upper Left Lady with Veil from 1972-10-07 Painting Stamp; (5.50k) Upper Right pink "Sver 5" from Nov 1951 Numeral Stamp; (5.50k) Lower Left carmine Man blowig Postal Horn from 1930-02-20 Stamp; (5.50k) Lower Right gray Angelica Flower from 1984-03-27 Stamp
  2005 May 26 2513a-d2478-2481 150th Anniversary Swedish Postage Stamp (5.50k) Upper Left Count Pehr Ambjorn Sparre with #2 Printing Press; (5.50k) Upper Right Woman Reading Letter Cover; (5.50k) Lower Left Airplane and Train; (5.50k) Lower Right Postman in van at mailbox
  2005 May 27 2514Block 19 Union of Sweeden/Norway Souvenir Sheet of two 10k stamps
  2005 Sep 23 2515,25162491,2492 UNESCO (4.80k) Grimenton Radio Station; (5k) Skogskrykogarden Cemetery
  2005 Sep 23 2517a-b2485,2486 Greta Garbo 10k gray Portrait of Greta Garbo; 10k violet and black Caricature and Skript "Greta"
  2005 Sep 24 2519a-d
Mopeds 5.50k Man & Woman behind fence with red & white Fram Moped; 5.50k green Husqvarna Moped; 5.50k Wheel & Engine of Kuli Moped; 5.50k Two men sitting on Mopeds; 5.50k Man repairing hoisted Moped; 5.50k Man driving 3 wheeled platform scooter; 5.50k Zundapp moped engine on red and light yellow background; 5.50k Colour photo of man with gray clothes and helmet riding moped
  2005 Nov 10 25212501 Christmas (5k) black Dog with Child Skiing
  2005 Nov 10 2522a-d2502-2505 Christmas (5k) Three Children near fence; (5k) blag Dog and two children with sled; (5k) Girl wrapping gifts; (5k) Three Children looking at Christmas Tree
  2005 Nov 10 2523a-d2506-2509 Christmas Angels 10k Angel with horn facing right; 10k Angel with horn facing left; 10k Angel with flute facing right; 10k Angel with flute facing forward
  2006 Jan 26 25242510 Railroads 150th Anniversary 10k Train on Bridge
  2006 Jan 26 2525a-e2511-2515 Locomotives (5.50k) green Mallet Steam Locomotive; (5.50k) tan Gasoline Powered Rail Bus; (5.50k) orange SJ Class D Electric Locomotive; (5.50k) black R Steam Locomotive; (5.50k) red RC electric Locomotive
  2006 Mar 29 2527Block 21 Mythical Forest Beings Nordic Mythology Souvenir Sheet of two 10k stamps
  2006 Mar 29 2528Block 22 King Carl XVI Gustaf 60th Birthday Souvenir Sheet of three 10k stamps
  2006 May 4 25302528-2530 Sveaborg/Suomenlinna Fortress 10k With Flagole at Fortress and Ship without oars; 10k Ship with oars facing Fortress; 10k Ship with oars and windmill
  2006 May 4 25322541 Track & Field Athletes 10k Christian Olsson running (Yvert #2520)
  2006 May 4 2534a,2534b2531-2532 Europa Childrens Art 10k green & blue Artwork by Alexandros Terzis; 10k three faces Artwork by Linda Wong
  2006 Sep 7 2537a2544 Composers
perf all 4 sides
(5.50k) green & brown Mozart perf all 4 sides (Stanley Gibbons# 2464)
  2006 Sep 7 2538,25392542,2543 Composers
coils perf on 2 sides (vert)
(4.80k) carmine lake & brown Kraus; (5.0k) blue & black Bellman
(Stanley Gibbons# 2462,2463) (Yvert 2524 & 2525)
  2006 Sep 7 2541-25432545-2547 Hanseatic League 10k Domestic shipping and trade depicting men loading ship; 10k Visby Harbour and 5 storey stone builging; 10k Stockholm depticting silver coin and two mechants;
(Stanley Gibbons# 2465-2467)
  2006 Sep 30 2544a-d2548-2551 Classic Children's TV
  2006 Sep 30 2545a-d2552-2555 Classic Children's TV
  2006 Nov 9 25462561-2564 Christmas Winter Paintings
  2006 Nov 9 25472556 Christmas Window Decorations 5k Christmas Candles