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Scott Catalogue numbers based on the 2007 edition
Stanley Gibbons numbers based on the 2007 edition

Last updated on December 31, 2007

Date Scott#           Stanley Gibbons#Issue Description of stamps
  1913-1916 12-1613-17Geroge V definitives 1sh3p violet; 2sh6p green & claret; 5sh blue & claret; 10sh olive green & blue; £1 red & deep green
  1913-1921 18-20Geroge V coils 1p scarlet; 1 1/2p orange brown; 2p dull violet
  --------- The scenery issues varieties are arranged chronologically and not by Scott numbers ---------
  1926 28a46c engScenery 4p brown Native Krall  (1928) eng;
No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA" type. The background in the upper corners is made up of horizontal and vertical lines (not solid colour as in the later redrawings).
  1927 26a,26b34 bothScenery 2p violet brown & gray Geovernment Buildings  (1927) eng; 2p violet brown & gray Geovernment Buildings  (1927) afk;
No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA" type. Original drawing has no memorial statue above and leftwared of the "2" in value tablet.
  1927 29b36 afkScenery 1sh deep blue & bistre brown (1927) afk;
No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA" type. Fine shading lines projecting from the curved top of the left inner frame. The shading of the last "A" of the country name does not partly cover the flower below it (as it does on the 1930 redrawing).
  1927 30a,30b49 bothScenery 2sh6p brown & blue green Trekking (1927) eng; 2sh6p brown & blue green Trekking (1927) afk;
No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA" type. The shading below the country name is made up of fine lines (not solid as on the 1945 redrawing).
  1927 31a,31b38 bothScenery 5sh deep green & black Ox Wagon (1927) ;eng; 5sh deep green & black Ox Wagon (1927) afk;
No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA" type.
  1927 32a,32b39 bothScenery 10sh olive brown & blue Cape Town & Table Mountain (1927) eng; 10sh olive brown & blue Cape Town & Table Mountain (1927) afk
  1930 38a,38bScenery Redrawn 3p red & black Groote Schuur  (1931) eng; 3p red & black Groote Schuur  (1931) afk; No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA" type. Top frame consists of 3 heavy lines. On orinial drawing it had 3 heavy and 2 very thin lines.
  1930 42aScenery Redrawn 6p orange & green Tree  (1931) eng; No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA" type. Leg of "R" in AFRICA or AFRIKA ends in a straight line.
  1931 34bScenery Redrawn 1p carmine & black Jan van Riebeek's Ship  (1930) afk;
No Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA". Leg of "R" in AFRICA or AFRIKA ends in a straight line. 1 mm space between POSSEEL INKOMSTE.
  1933 64a,64bScenery Redrawn 5sh green & black Ox Wagon (1933) eng;  5sh green & black Ox Wagon (1933) afk;
Die I:  Hyphen in "SUIDE-AFRIKA". Letters "U" and "A" in SOUTH AFRICA have projections. Size 27 x 21 1/2mm.
  1936 41b2nd Redrawing 4p brown Native Kraal afk;
The background of the upper corners is solid (not crossed lines as in 1928 stamps)
and there are intertwined pretzel shaped scroll endings at the bottom (unlike the 1928 and 1932 stamps where the scroll ends enclose a sold mass of colour
Unlike the 1952 stamp there is no Hypen in "SUIDAFRIKA"
  1937 59a,59bHypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 6p orange & blue gree tree eng; 6p orange & blue gree tree afk;
Die I: "SUID-AFRIKA" 16 1/2mm. Shading in leaves framing oval very faint and broken. Size 18 1/2 x 22 1/2mm.
  1938 37a,37bNew color 2p violet & indigo
Unlike the 1927 stamp a memorial statue has been added just above and leftward of the "2" in the value tablet
and unlike the 1931 stamps the center of these 1938 stamps is indigo and not gray
and unlike the blue violet and dull blue stamps of 1938 there is no hyphen in "SUIDAFRIKA"
  1938 53a,53bHypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 2p blue violet & dull blue Government Buildings eng; 2p blue violet & dull blue Government Buildings afk
  1938 60a,60bHypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 6p orange & gree tree eng; 6p orange & gree tree afk;
Die II: "SUIDE-AFRIKA" 17mm. Leaves in leaves framing oval strongly shaded. Heavy lines of shading in background of tree. Size 18 1/2 x 22 1/2mm.
  1939 67a,67bHypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 10sh olive black & blue Groot Constantia eng; 10sh olive black & blue Groot Constantia afk;
  1941 54bNew colour with Hypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 2p dull violet & gray Government Buildings afk
  1949 65bDie I with Hypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 5sh blue green & black Ox Wagon (1949) afk;
The letters "U" and "A" in "SUIDE-AFRIKA" have projections. Size 27 x 21 1/2mm.
  1950 61aDie III with Hypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 6p red orange & blue gree tree afk;
The "question mark" shaped scrolls below top panel are cleanly defined without intrusion of background shading. Size 18 x 22mm.
  1952 58a,58bNew colour with Hypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 4p chocolate brown Native Kraal eng; 4p chocolate brown Native Kraal afk
  1954 66a,66bDie II with Hypen in "SUID-AFRIKA" 5sh green & black Ox Wagon eng; 5sh green & black Ox Wagon afk;
The letters "U" and "A" in "SOUTH AFRICA" have no projections. Size 26 1/2 x 21 1/2mm.
  --------- End of the scenery issues varieties ---------
  1935 May 1 70a,70b67 bothSilver Jubilee 3p blue & dark blue eng; 3p blue & dark blue afk;
  1935 May 1 71a,71b68 bothSilver Jubilee 6p orange & green eng; 6p orange & green afk
  1936 Nov 2 72,73MS69,MS70JIPEX 1936 1/2p green sheet of Six Philitelic Exhibition Souvenir Sheet; 1p carmine sheet of Six Philitelic Exhibition Souvenir Sheet;
  1938 Dec 14 79a,79b80 bothVoortrekkers 1p rose & slate Wagon Wheel eng; 1p rose & slate Wagon Wheel afk;
  80a,80b81 both 1 1/2p red brown & prussian blue Voortrekker family eng; 1 1/2p red brown & prussian blue Voortrekker family afk
  1949 Dec 1 114133Voortrekker Monument 3p dark blue Voortrekkers looking toward Natal & open bible
  1952 Mar 26 120,121141,142van Riebeeck overprinted 1p dark green Marie de la Quellerie overprinted "SATISE"; 2p dark purple van Riebeeck's Ships overprinted "SADIPU"
  1954 Feb 23 199150Orange Free State 4 1/2p gray & rose violet Cout of Arms, Pen & Scroll
  1954 Oct 14 210,212161,163Animal Definitives 1sh6p Gemsbok; 5sh Giraffe
  1960 23918250th Anniversary 1sh6p light blue & black Official Union festival emblem
  1961 Feb 14 243,248,250
Animal Definitives in Decimal Currency 1 1/2 sepia Leopard; 7 1/2c yellow green, red & brown Arms of Union and four former provinces; 12 1/2c dull green & dark brown Springbok; 20c pink & dark brown Gemsbok; 50c orange yellow & blk brown Giraffe; 1r blue & black Sable antelope
  1965 May 17 307259ITU 12 1/2c green & claret ITU Emblem, communications equipment
  1965 Oct 21 309261Dutch Reformed Church 12 1/2c light ultramarine, ocher & black Emblem of Dutch Reformed Church
  1966 May 13 313b265 afkRepublic 7 1/2c ultramarine, violet bluw, ocher & black Table Mountain afk
  1967 Oct 31 344270Reformation 12 1/2c black & orange Door of Wittenberg Chruch
  1968 Sep 21 350275Hertzog 12 1/2c orange brown, orange & black James B.M. Hertzog statue;
  1969 Mar 15 354279Olympics 12 1/2c bister, indigo & red Springbok, torch, Olympic rings
  1969 Jul 7 356281Heart Transplant 12 1/2c hands holding heart
  1969 Oct 6 358283Postage Stamps 12 1/2c salmon, green & gold
  1970 Aug 24 362302BIBLIA 12 1/2c ultramarine, black & gold
  1973 Feb 1 388328ESCOM 15c dull blue & dark black Cooling towers (look like smoke stacks)
  1973 Apr 2 390331UNISA 15c gold & black Old University at Cape Town
  1973 Jun 2 393333Woltemade 5c olive black & citron Sinking ship in storm
  1973 Aug 1 397337Langenhoven 15c orange, black & ultramarine Athem
  1974 Apr 7 402342Coins 9c multicoloured
  1974 Jun 13 404344World Sugar Congress 15c silver & dark blue Emblem
  1974 Oct 9 407347UPU 15c early stamps of the Provinces
  1975 Apr 19 441377Diederichs 15c ultramarine & gold
  1976 Jun 5 468407Wildlife Protection 20c Zebra
  1978 Nov 13 514454Tourist Publicity 25c Cango Caves
  1985 568513Buildings Definitives 3c purple Applehof;
  1983 Oct 12 623550Beaches 20c Durban Beach
  1988 Sep 1 754-757669-672Coil Stamps Plant Definitives 1c Adromischus Marianiae; 2c Titanopsis Calcarea; 5c Dactylopsis Digitata; 10c Pieiospilos Bolusii
  1992 Jul 24 837,839763,765Sports 70c Track; 1.05r Cricket
  1993 Sep 3 860813Endangered Species Definitives 70c Poecilogale Albinucha (Roan antelope)
  1994 Sep 30 894857Stamp Day 95c Registered Mail
  1994 Nov 18 896a-e859-863Flowers 95c Erica Tenuifolia; 95c Erica Urna Viridis; 95c Erica Decora; 95c Erica Aristate; 95c Erica Dichrus
  1995 Oct 2 919887Mahatma Ghandi 1.40r brown
  1995 Oct 19 921MS890World Post Day 5r souvenir sheet issued for ILSAPEX 1998
  1995 Oct 24 923MS892UNESCO (60c) souvenir sheet
  1995 Nov 24 927,928896,897Shells 60c Conus pictus; 60c Guypreaea fultoni
  1996 Jan 8 934MS903African Cup Soccer 1.15r Souvenir Sheet
  1996 May 8 936,938
Endangered Fauna Airmail rate Definitives 1r White Rhinoceros; 1r Lion; 1r Leopard; 1r African Elephant
  1996 May 18 940DMS906Chinese New Year 60c Souvenir Sheet Year of the Rat
  1996 Jun 8 945AMS910CAPEX 96 2r Souvenir Sheet Buildings in Toronto
  1996 Jul 5 946a-946e
Olympics (70c) Cycling; (70c) Swimming; (70c) Boxing; (70c) Running; (70c) Pole vault; 1.40r South African Olympic Emplem
  1996 Aug 1 948c927New Constitution (70c) violet, yellow and black, five people under triangle
  1996 Aug 5 950a,950C932,MS934Ships 1.40r Langloof; 2r souvenir sheet Constantia
  1996 Oct 9 954MS938Bloemfontein 2r Ship Souvenir Sheet of Ship in Harbour
  1996 Nov 4 955b,955c,955f
Nobel Laureates Albert Luthuli; ALfred Nobel; Desmond Tutu; Nadine Gordimer; Symbol of Nobel Prizes
  1997 Feb 12 957MS950Hong Kong 3r Lion
  1997 Apr 1 965,966,967959,956,957Navy Ships (70c) SAS Protea; (70c) SAS Umkomaas; (70c) Submarine Emily Hobhouse
  1997 Apr 26 968,969960,961Democratic Elections (70c) Election Day 27 April 1994 sign; (70c) Polling Station sign
  1997 May 18 975-979968-972Cultural Artifacts (70c) S. Ndebele figure; (70c) Venda door; (70c) Tsonga Medicine Gourd; (70c) Wooden Pot North Cape; (70c) Khoi Walking Stick
  1997 my 29 993MS976Grahamstown 5r Souvenir Sheet
  1997 Aug 1 994-998987-991Blue Train Double headed class 6E 1 electric locomotives Cape Town to Beaufort West; Double headed class 6E 1 electric locomotives Hex River Valley; 1960s steam powered locomotives; Diesel locomotives Modder river bridge; Diesel locomotives Northern Transvaal
  1997 Aug 10 999-1000992-994Cattle (70c) Nguni; (70c) Bonsmara; (70c) Afrikander
  1997 Aug 27 1004997Antarctic Wildlife 1.20r Antarctic Skua flying bird
  1997 Sep 24 1006,1007Enoch Sontonga (70c) Enoch Sontonga; (70c) "Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika"
  1997 Oct 8 1008Stamp Show 4.50r horse cart Souvenir Sheet
  1997 Oct 9 1009Post box Souvenir Sheet
  1997 Nov 3 1010
Christmas Bethlehem; Candles Angels Cross; Cross & Angel Kneeling; Santa Carrying Cross; Madonna & Child; Christmas Trees; Magi; Native African Kneeling
  1998 Jan 28 1020Year of the Tiger 5r souvenir sheet
  1998 1038-1042
Wildlife regular perf (1.30r) White Rhinoceros; (1.30r) Buffalo; (1.30r) Lion; (1.30r) Leopard; (1.30r) African Elephant; 20r Fish Eagle
  1998 May 1 1053Leopard 5r Souvenir Sheet
  1998 Jun 29 1056-1059
Historic (1.10r) Musuku; (1.10r) San rock engravings; (1.10r) Iron age pots; (1.10r) Khoekhoe pot; (1.10r) San rock art; (1.10r) Taung child
  1998 Aug 16 1065-1074Birds (1.10r) Pale Chanting Goshawk; (1.10r) Jackal Buzzard; (1.10r) Lanner Falcoln; (1.10r) Bearded Vulture; (1.10r) Black Harrier; (1.10r) Cape Vulture; (1.10r) Bateleur; (1.10r) Spotted Eagle Owl; (1.10r) White Headed Vulture; (1.10r) African Fish Eagle
  1998 Oct 9 1079-1083Christmas (1.10r) Angel; (1.10r) Bell; (1.10r) Package; (1.10r) Christmas Tree; (1.10r) Star
  1998 Oct 23 1095Whale 5r Souvenir Sheet
  1999 Feb 16 1101Year of the Rabbit 5r Souvenir Sheet