Norway WANTLIST (used only, no mint or CTO)
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Catalogue numbers based on Scott Catalogue, year 2007 edition
Last updated on October 20, 2007

Where the catalogue value is higher for a used stamp than a mint stamp the higher value will apply only if the stamp is clearly postmarked from a time period close to the date of issue, and the cancellation appear to be a genuine postal cancel only (not a revenue cancel, a fiscal cancel, forged cancel, a favour cancel, a CTO or an illegible cancel).

Date Scott#Issue Description of stamps
  1855 1Coat of Arms 4s blue
  1856-1857 2-5King Oscar I 2s yellow; 3s lilac; 4s blue; 8s dull lake
  1863 6,7,9,10Coat of Arms 2s yellow; 3s gray lilac; 8s rose; 24s brown
  1867-1868 11-13Coat of Arms 1s black; 2s orange; 3s dull lilac; 4s blue; 8s rose carmine
  1872-1875 18-21Post Horn Definitives 1s yellow green; 2s ultramarine; 3s rose; 4s lilac; 6s orange brown; 7s red brown
  1877-1878 25,26,28-32Post Horn Definitives
NORGE san-serif font
Post horn ring shaded
10o rose; 12o light green; 25o lilac; 35o blue green; 50o maroon; 60o dark blue
  1878 33,34King Oscar II 1.50k ultarmarine; 2k rose & maroon
  1882-1893 35-39,41-44Post Horn Definitives
NORGE san-serif font
Post horn ring white
1o black brown; 1o gray; 2o brown; 3o yellow; 5o blue green; 12o green; 12o yellow brown; 20o brown; 20o blue
  1888 46Surcharges 2o on 12o yellow brown
  1893-1908 48,52
Post Horn Definitives
NORGE in serif font
Post horn ring split at top
2o pale brown; 15o brown; 25o red violet; 30o slate gray; 35o dark blue green; 50o maroon; 60o dark blue
  1905 59-61Surcharges 1k on 2s orange (green surcharge); 1.50k on 2s orange (blue surcharge); 2k on 2s orange (carmine surcharge)
  1906-1908 62,63Surcharges 15o on 4s lilac; 30o on 7s red brown
  1907 64-66King Haakon VII
Die A
1k yellow green; 1.50k ultramarine; 2k rose;
  1909-1910 67-69King Haakon VII
Die B
1k green; 1.50k ultramarine; 2k rose;
  1918 73King Haakon VII
Die C
5k dark violer
  1927 90Post Horn Definitives
NORGE in serif font
Post horn ring continuous
30o light blue
  1914 May 10 97,98Constitutional Assembly 10o carmine rose; 20o deep blue
  1924 103Lion Rampant
line between ORE and POST
45o blue
  1925 Apr 1 104-110Polar Bear 2o yellow brown; 3o orange; 5o magenta; 10o yellow green; 15o dark blue; 20o plum; 25o scarlet
  1925 Aug 29 111-114Lion Rampant
SVALBARD 1925 at top
10o yellow green; 15o indigo; 20o plum; 45o dark blue
  1926-1934 120,124,125,128Lion Rampant
smaller format
25o red; 25o red violet; 40o dull blue; 60o prussian blue
  1927 Jun 13 129,130Surcharges 30o on 45o blue (line between ORE and POST); 30o on 45o dark blue (no line between ORE and POST)
  1928 131Surcharge 20o on 25o red
  1928 Mar 20 132,133Henrik Ibsen 10o yellow green; 150o chestnut brown
  1929 Jan 136-144Postage Due Stamps Overprinted 1o gray; 4o lilac rose; 10o green; 15o brown; 20o dull violet; 40o deep ultramarine; 50o maroon; 100o orange yellow; 200o dark violet
  1929 Apr 6 146Niels Henrik Abel 15o red brown
  1929 July 1 149Surcharge 14o on 2s orange
  1930 Apr 1 151Thondheim Cathedral 15o brown & black
  1930 Apr 1 153Battle of Stiklestad 30o deep blue
  1932 Dec 8 155,157Bjornson 15o black brown; 30o ultramarine
  1937 163,164Post Horn
Redrawn in Larger Size
2o yellow brown; 3o deep orange
  1937 168Lion Rampant
larger format
post horn watermark
14o deep orange
  1938 178-180King Haakon VII 1.50k saphire; 2k rose red; 5k dark violet
  1938 Apr 20 181-183Scenes
Watermarked Post Horn
15o olive brown Reindeer; 20o copper red Gorgund Church; 30o bright ultramarine Jolster in Sunnfiord
  1949 198ALion Rampant
larger format
30o gray
  1940 204-206Lion Rampant
Centered in stamp
1 1/2 k deep blue; 2k bright red; 5k dull purple
  1941 220-227
Definitives with "V"
1o olive; 2o yellow brown; 3o deep orange; 5o rose lilac; 7o bright green; 10o bright green; 12o bright violet; 15o olive bistre; 25o dark orange brown; 30o bright ultramarine; 35o bright violet; 40o dark slate green; 50o deep claret; 60o prussian blue; 1k bright vreen; 1 1.2k deep blue; 2k bright red; 5k dull purple
  1942 Jun 12 247-250Rikard Nordraak 10o deep green Rikard Nordraak; 15o deep brown Broad Sails over North Sea; 20o rose red View of Coast; 30o saphine Rikard Nordraak
  1943 Jun 15 255,256,258Edvard Grieg 10o deep green; 20o henna; 60o dark greenish blue
  1943-1945 259,260,262
War Issue 5o rose violet Destroyer Sleipner; 7o greenish black Destroyer Sleipner; 15o dark olive green Plane & Pilot; 30o deep ultramarine Convoy under midnight sun; 40o olive black Ski Troops; 60o dark blue King Haakon VII
  1945 Feb 15 268New Coat of Arms 1 1/2k dark blue
  1945 Jul 12 269,270Henrik Wergeland 10o dark olive green; 15o dark brown
  1946 Mar 22 274Little Norway Training Center 15o brown rose Pilot & Mechanic
  1947 Apr 15 287Post Office 55o orange  Fridtjof Nansen & Roald Amundsen
  1947 Jul 1 290Petter Dass 25o bright red
  1947 Aug 2 291King Haakon Birthday 75o orange red
  1949 May 9 297Alexander Kielland 80o orange brown
  1950 May 15 304,306King Harald Haardraade 15o green; 45o ultramarine
  1951 309Post Horn definitives 20o cestnut brown
  1950-1951 313King Haakon VII definitives 45o bright blue
  1951 Jan 25 320Arne Garborg 80o brown
  1952 Aug 3 328King Haakon VII in Uniform 55o deep blue
  1954 Apr 20 331Railway 20o green Horse Drawn Sled & Train
  1955 Jun 4 340-342Oslo Norwex Surchage 20o deep green & gray blue fist stamp on stamp with Oslo Norwex Surcharge; 30o deep red & carmine blue post horn stamp on stamp with Oslo Norwex Surcharge; 55o deep gray blue & deep blue lion stamp on stamp with Oslo Norwex Surcharge;
  1957 Jul 1 355,357Geophysical Year 25o slate Green Jan Mayen Island; 65o Map of South Pole with Queen Maud Land
  1960 367King Olav V Definitives 80o orange brown
  1961 Nov 10 400Roald Amundsen 90o dark blue & light blue
  1962 Jun 1 405Aviation 1.50k dull blue & black German Rumpler Taube over Oslo
  1962 Sep 17 415Europa Tree 90o blue & dark blue
  1963 421Definitives 30o olive brown Rye & Fish
  1963 Aug 5 440Ivar Aasen 90o dark blue & gray
  1963 Sep 14 441,442Europa 50o dull rose & orange Stylized Links; 90o blue & yellow green Stylized Links;
  1963 Sep 24 443,444Textile Industry 25o olive & olive green; 35o prussian blue & dark blue
  1964 Feb 17 450,451Oslo Workers' Society 25o dark green Eilert Sundt; 50o dark red brown Beehive
  1964 Mar 11 452,453Guldberg & Waage 35o olive green; 55o bister
  1964 May 11 455Constitution 90o prussian blue & dark blue Storting (Parliament House)
  1964 Aug 17 456,457Seamen's Mission 25o dark slate green & buff Church & Ships; 90o dark blue & gray Church & Ships
  1964 Sep 14 458Europa 90o dark blue CEPT Flower
  1964 Oct 31 460School Funding 90o blue Herman Anker & Olaus Arvesen
  1975 470Coil Definitive 30o dull green Rye & Fish (coil)
  1965 Apr 1 472ITU 90o slate Television Mast and Antenna
  1965 Jun 4 474Red Cross 90o slate blue & carmine Costal View
  1965 Sep 25 476Europa Leaves & Fruit 90o blue
  1965 Oct 25 477,478Harmonien 30o dark green & black St. Sunniva and Buldings 90o blue & black St. Sunniva and View of Bergen
  1965 Nov 29 484Rondane Mountains 1.50k dark blue
  1966 Feb 8 486,487,489Ski Championships 40o sepia Rock Carving of Skier 2000BC; 550 dull green Ski jumper; 90o blue Homenkollen ski jump
  1966 May 20 491Bible Society 90o slate blue Open Bible
  1966 Jul 30 494Johan Sverdrup 30o green
  1966 Sep 26 497Europa Symbolic Sailboat 90o blue gray
  1966 Oct 29 498Kristian Birkeland 40o blue & deep blue
  1967 Jan 16 501EFTA 90o dark blue
  1967 Feb 16 502,503Military Training 60o chocolate Sabre Owl and Oak Leaves; 90o black Sabre Owl and Oak Leaves
  1967 May 2 505Europa 90o blue & dark violet blue
  1967 Aug 2 506Johanne Dybwad 40o slate blue
  1967 Sep 26 509Santal Mission 90o blue gray Ebenezer Church
  1968 Jan 22 510,512Mountaineers 40o sepia Mountain; 90o slate blue Glitretind Mountain Peak
  1968 Mar 30 513,514Craftsmen 65o dark carmine rose & brown; 90o blue & brown
  1968 May 21 516A.O. Vinje 65o maroon
  1968 Sep 6 517,518Lutheran Home Mission 45o bright green & brown red; 65o bright red & violet blue
  1968 Oct 31 519Nursing 50o bright blue Cathinka Guldberg
  1968 Dec 10 522Nobel Prize Winners 90o dark blue Klas Arnoldson & Fredrik Bajer
  1969 Feb 28 524Nordic Society 90o blue Stylized Ancient ships
  1969 Mar 24 531Rutebok of Norway 50o green Plane Train Ship Bus
  1969 Apr 28 533,534Europa building 65o dark red & gray 90o chalky blue & gray
  1969 May 30 536Johan Hjort 90o blue & green
  1969 Sep 8 546Gustav Vigeland 90o blue & black Man Woman & Child Sculpture
  1969 Oct 10 547Census 65o Punched Card
  1969 Nov 26 550Queen Maud 90o violet blue
  1970 Apr 10 551,552,554Nature Conservation 40o sepia & pale blue Wolf; 60o light brown & gray Flower; 100o pale blue & brown White tailed Sea Eagle
  1970 May 8 555,556Liberation from the Germans 70o Red Lilac "V"; 100o violet blue & bright green Convoy
  1970 Jun 23 557Bergen 40o green Citizens
  1970 Oct 15 562,563,565Zoologists 40o brown Georg Ossian Sars; 50o dull purple Hans Strom; 100o bright blue Michael Sars
  1970 Nov 17 566School of Gymnastics 50o Ball Game
  1971 Feb 23 571Parliament 100o dark blue & slate green
  1971 Mar 26 572,573Refugees 50o emerald & black Hand Heart & Eye; 70o scarlet & black Hand Heart & Eye
  1971 Apr 27 574Hans Nielson Hauge 60o dark gray Haugianerne by Adolph Tiedemand
  1971 May 21 577Bishopric of Oslo 1k black & blue Building first Church
  1971 Jun 23 578Antarctic Treaty 100o blue & orange red Roald Amundsen
  1972 Apr 10 583Savings Bank 1.20k ultramarine & gold
  1972 May 6 585Post Horn Stamps Centenary 1k Stamp on Stamp 2s ultramarine 1874 issue
  1972 Jun 7 586,589Ancient Artifacts 50o yellow green Horsemand from Stone; 1.20k ultramarine Sword hilt
  1972 Aug 15 593Youth Stamp Exhibition 1.20k prussian blue "Solidarity"
  1972 AUG 25 594,595overprinted INTERJUNEX 72 80o bright magenta "Joy"; 1.20k prussian blue "Solidarity"
  1972 Sep 20 596Ships 60o olive green "Maud"
  1972-1975 613Definitives 120o gray blue Rock Carvings (deer & fish);
  1973 Jul 2 62270th Birthday of King Olav V 1.40k Jacob Aall
  1973 Oct 9 623Lapland Handicrafts 75o black brown & buff Blade Decoration
  1973 Nov 15 627,628Flowers 70o Veronica Fruticans; 1k phyllodoce corrulea
  1973 Dec 14 630Geographical Survey 1.40k South Norway Mountains map, 1851
  1974 Apr 25 632 1.40k dark blue North Cape
  1974 May 21 634Paintings 1.40k Strugunoset from Filefjell
  1974 Jun 21 636King Magnus VI Lagaboter 1.40k ultramarine & brown
  1974 Aug 12 637Safe Working Conditions 85o Saw Blade and Pines
  1974 Sep 4 640,642Geologists 85o magenta & red brown V.M. Goldschmidt; 1.40k orange & red brown Waldemar C. Brogger
  1974 Nov 15 645Folk Art 85o Horseback Rider
  1975 Mar 7 650Women's Year 1.40k blue & dark blue Detail from wrough iron gates
  1975 Apr 17 651,653Architecture Heritage 1k yellow green Nusfjord Fishing Harbour; 1.40k blue View of Roros
  1975 May 20 655Monetary Convention 1.40k blue Ole Jacob Broch
  1975 Jun 19 657Boy Scouts 1.40k Scouting in winter (skiers)
  1975 Jul 4 659Emigration to America 1.40k bluish black Cleng Peerson
  1975 Aug 14 660,662Union of Spitsbergen 1k olive black Templet, Tempelfjord, Spitsbergen; 1.40k prussian blue Polar Bear
  1975 Oct 9 664Broadcasting 1.40k Radio Tower and Houses
  1975 Nov 14 668Christmas Church Painting 1.40k Adoration of the Kings
  1976 Feb 25 670Folk Dances 80o Halling, Hallingdal Dance
  1976 Mar 25 674Oslo Museum 1.40k Goblet, Nostetangen glass c.1770
  1976 May 3 676Europa 1.40k bright blue & violet blue Plate and CEPT emblem
  1976 May 20 677Scenes 1k The Pulpt, Lyse Fjord
  1976 Sep 10 682Olav Dunn 1.40k Olav Duun on Dun Mountain
  1976 Sep 19 684Paintings 1.40k "Gamie Furutraer", by L. Hertrvig
  1976 Nov 5 686Christmas 1k Details from 13th centrury tapestry
  1977 Feb 2 689Environment 1.40k Five Water Lilies
  1977 May 2 694Scenes 1.80k Huldre Falls, Loen
  1977 Jun 1 697Trees 1.80k Birch
  1977 Jun 22 700,701Ships 1.30k green Kong Haakon; 1.30k blue Kong Haakon, 1904 and Dronningen, 1893 off Stavanger
  1977 Sep 22 703Fishing 1.80k Fish and Fishhooks
  1977 Oct 7 705Paintings 1.80k Landscape by August Cappelen
  1978-1983 712,714Post Horn & Crown Definitives 70o orange; 90o brown
  1978 May 2 728Europa 1.80k slate green & blue Borgund Stave Church
  1978 Jun 1 729Mountain Scenes 1k Lenangstindene and Jaegervasstindene
  1978 June 30 732Olav V Birthday 1.80k King Olav V adressing Parliament
  1978 Sep 19 733a-hNORWEX '80 Philatelic Exhibition 1.25k yellow green 10o Polar Bear; 1.25k dark blue 15o Polar Bear; 1.25k plum 20o Polar Bear; 1.25k scarlet 25o Polar Bear; 1.25k yellow green 10o Lion; 1.25k indigo 15o Lion; 1.25k plum 20o Lion; 1.25k dark blue 45o Lion;
  1978 Oct 6 736Music 1.80k dark violet blue Norwegian zither
  1978 Nov 10 739Christmas (Toys) 1k Toy Town 1896-97
  1979 Mar 2 743Skiing Competition 1.80k blue Cross-country race;
  1979 Apr 26 745International Year of the Child 1.80k Painting of Boy by H.C.F. Hosenfelder
  1979 Sep 4 749Johan Falkberget 1.80k prussian blue Monument of Woman and Bull
  1979 Oct 5 753a-dNORWAX '80 Philatelic Exhibition 1.25k Dormier Wal over Polar Map; 2k Dirigible Norge; 2.80k Lorning air yatch amphibian; 4k Reidar Viking DC-7C; or Souvenier Sheet of four stamps.
  1979 Nov 22 755Mountain Flowers 1k Potentilla crantzil
  1980 Feb 26 758Christian Youth 180o Emblems of Doves
  1980 Apr 18 759,760Baby Birds 100o Oyster Catcher; 100o Mallard
  1980 Sep 9 767Nordic Cooperation 1.80k dark blue Hercules at a burning Altar 1769
  1980 Nov 14 769Paintings 1.80k Self-Portrait by Christian Skredsvig
  1981 Feb 26 773,774Scenic Definitives 1.70k olive green Rosenkrantz Tower Bergen; 2.20k dark blue Church of Tromsdalen (Arctic Cathedral)
  1981 Feb 26 775Birds 1.30k Lesser Whitefronted Goose
  1981 May 4 783Sailing Ship 1.30k dark olive green Weighing Anchor
  1981 Jun 11 787Lake Transportation 1.30k dark green Victoria 1882 Bandak Channel
  1981 Aug 25 791Year of the Diabled 2.20k Group of People
  1981 Oct 9 792,793Paintings 1.50k Interior in Blue by Harriet; 1.70k Peat Moor on Jaeren by Kitty Lange Kielland
  1981 Nov 25 795Christmas 1.20k Adoration of Infant Christ Tapestry
  1984 Feb 24 835Postal Services 3.50k Delivery
  1985 Jun 19 862Europa 3.50k dark blue Ole Bul
  1985 Jun 19 864Sculptures 3.50k Fountain
  1986 Apr 11 893Europa 3.50k Acid Rain
  1989 Apr 20 941Folk Costumes 4k Kautokeino
  1989 Oct 6 947a-dAbstract Painting by Weidemann 3k Souvenir Sheet of 4 - Stamp Day - or single stamps from s/sheet
  1990 Apr 9 977a-bStamps on Stamps 5k Souvenir Sheet of 2 - Stamps on Stamp or single stamps from s/sheet
  1990 Oct 5 984a-dWinter Olympics - Gold Medal Winners 4k Thorleif Haug, skier, 1924; 4k Sonja Henie, figure skater, 1928, 1932, 1936; 4k Ivar Ballangrud, speed skater, 1928, 1936; 4k Hjalmar Andersen, speed skater, 1952
  1991 Oct 11 997a-dWinter Olympics - Gold Medal Winners 4k Birger, Ruud, ski jumping; 4k Johan Grottumsbraten, cross country skiing; 4k Knut Johannesen, speed skating; 4k Magnar Solberg, biathlon
  1991 Oct 11 998a-dNational Stamp Day 2.70k Hands, engraving; 3.20k Magnifying glass above hands; 4k View of hands through magnifying glass; 5k Printed label being removed from plate
  1992-1995 1009,1016
King Harald definitives 4.50k carmine; 7.50k violet; 8.50k brown
  1992 Feb 21 1021a-dWinter Olympics - Gold Medal Winners 4k Arnfinn Bergmann, ski jumping; 4k Stein Eriksen, giant slalom; 4k Simon Slattvik, Nordic combined
  1992 Oct 9 1028a-dStamp Day 2.80k Decorated vase; 3.30k Carafe with gold design; 4.20k Cut glass salad bowl; 5.20k Decorated cup
  1992 Nov 23 1032Christmas 3.30k One elf holding other on shoulders to mail letter
  1993 Feb 23 1035a-dWinter Olympics - 1992 Gold Medal Winner 4.50k Finn Christian Jagge, slalom; 4.50k Bjorn Daehlie, cross-country skiing; 4.50k Geir Karistad, speed skating; 4.50k Vegard Ulvang, cross-country skiing
  1993 Sep 24 1046a-dStamp Day - Carvings 3k Spiral leaf scroll; 3.50k Interlocking scroll; 4.50k "1754" surrounded by scroll; 5.50k Face with scroll above
  1994 Feb 12 1053,1054
3.50k Stylized Norweigian flag & Olympic Rings Upper Right; 3.50k Stylized Norweigian flag & Olympic Rings Upper Left; 3.50k Olympic rings & ski jump Lower Right; 4.50k Flags of Norway Belgium Greece Switzerland Sweden Germany & UK
  1994 Mar 10 1060Paralympics 5.50k Skier
  1994 Apr 19 1062Tromso Charter 4.50k Catherdral
  1994 Sep 23 1069a-dStamp Day - Ornamental broaches 3k Gold, embossed designs; 3.50k Silver, embossed designs; 4.50k Silver, circular designs; 5.50k Gold, jeweled center
  1995 Feb 23 1091Apothecary 25k Apothecary tools
  1995 May 8 1092,1093Scenes 4k Skudeneshavn Harbor; 4.50k Torghatten Mountain Helgeland
  1995 May 8 1095Christianity 15k Slettebakken Church, Bergen, 1970
  1995 Sep 22 1111Norway Post 3.50k First Norway postage stamp of 1855 over other stamps
  1996 Feb 22 1116Svalbard Islands 20k Polar Bear
  1996 Apr 18 1119,1121Tourism 4k Besseggen; 5.50k Alta Rock Carvings
  1996 Jun 19 1123Railways 4.50k Sefesdal
  1996 Jun 19 1125Troll Offshore Gasfield 25k Troll platfrom, map of gas pipelines
  1996 Sep 20 1126-1128
Norway Post 3.50k Postal Courier on Skis; 3.50k Fjord Boat Framnaes; 3.50k Mail Truck in Oslo 1920s; 3.50k Unloading Mail at Railroad Station; 3.50k Computer Globe and email Service
  1996 Nov 21 1140Amalie Skram 25k Scene from performance of "People of Hellemyr"
  1997 Apr 16 1156Norwegian Tourism 5.00k The Faerder Lighthouse
  1997 Apr 16 1160,1161
Norway Post 3.70k Hook and other tools for Construction; 3.70k Kon Tiki Expedition; 3.70k Welfare Hands; 3.70k Grete Waitz marathon winnner
  1997 Jun 6 1171Einar Gerhardsen 25k Scenes of Norway
  1997 Sep 19 1175Composers 15k green Tarjei Vesaas
  1998 Apr 20 1190Costal Shipping 4.50k blue & dark green Catamaran Kommandoren
  1998 Apr 20 1192Tourism 4.50k Fisherman at City of Alesund