Iceland WANTLIST (postally used only ... no mint, fiscal cancels, or CTO)
Wayne Berthin, 5435 Kiowa Road, Victoria BC, V9E 1J9, Canada
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Catalogue numbers based on Scott Catalogue, year 2007 edition
Last updated on December 12, 2007

Where the catalogue value is higher for a used stamp than a mint stamp the higher value will apply only if the stamp is clearly postmarked from a time period close to the date of issue, and the cancellation appear to be a genuine postal cancel only (not a revenue cancel, a fiscal cancel, forged cancel, a favour cancel, a CTO or an illegible cancel).

Date Scott#Issue Description of stamps
  1873 1,2,3,4Numeric design, Skilling currency
perf 14x 13 1/2
2s ultramarine; 43 dark carmine; 8s bronw; 16s yellow
  1873 5,6,7Numeric design
Skilling currency
perf 12 1/2
3s gray; 4s carmine; 16s yellow
  1876 8Numeric design
Aurar currency
perf 12 1/2
5a blue
  1876 9,10,12-14Numeric design
Aurar currency
perf 14x 13 1/2
5a blue; 6a gray; 16a brown; 20a dark violet; 40s green
  1882 15,17,18Numeric design
Aurar currency
perf 14x 13 1/2
3a orange; 20a blue; 40a red violet
  1892 19,20Numeric design
Aurar currency
perf 14x 13 1/2
50a blue & carmine; 100a brown & violet
  1896-1901 21-30Numeric design
Aurar currency
perf 13
3a orange; 3a yellow with large "3"; 4a rose & gray; 5a green; 6a gray; 10a carmine; 16a brown; 20a dull blue; 25a yellow brown & blue; 50a blue & carmine
  1897 31,32,33,33ASurcharges 3a on 5a green (large prir 3); 3a on 5a green (small prir 3); 3a on 5a green (with prir accent on the i and no 3); 3a on 5a green (with prir no accent on the i and no 3)
  1902-1904 35,36
Christian IX 4a gray & rose; 5a yellow green; 10a carmmine rose; 16a chocolate; 20a deep blue; 25a brown & green; 40a violet; 50a gray & blue black; 1k slate blue & yelow brown; 2k olve brown & bright blue; 5k orange brown & slate blue;
  1902 45,47,48Overprinted 1 GILDI
in red
perf 13
5a green; 20a dull blue; 25a yellow brown & blue
  1902 49,51-59Overprinted 1 GILDI
in black
perf 13
3a orange; 4a rose & gray; 5a green; 6a gray; 10a carmine; 16a brown; 20a dull blue; 25a yellow brown & blue; 40a red violet; 50a blue & carmine
  1902 60,61,62Overprinted 1 GILDI
in red
perf 14x13 1/2
5a green; 6a gray; 20a blue
  1902 63-68Overprinted 1 GILDI
in black
perf 14x13 1/2
3a orange; 10a carmine; 16a brown; 20a dull blue; 40a red violet; 50a blue & carmine; 100a brown & violet
  1907-1908 78-85Christian IX
with Frederik VIII
16a brown; 20a blue; 25a bister brown & green; 40a claret & violet; 50a gray & violet; 1k blue & brown; 2k dark blue & dark green; 5k brown & slate
  1911 91Jon Sigurdsson
25a orange
  1912 Feb 17 92-98Frederik VIII
5a green; 10a red; 20a pale blue; 50a claret; 1k yellow; 2k rose; 5k brown
  1915-1918 100,101,103
Christian IX
with Frederik VIII
3a bister brown; 4a gray & red; 6a gray & gray brown; 10a scarlet; 20a blue;
  1920-1922 111,113,115
Christian X 5a green; 6a dark gray; 10a red; 20a deep blue; 25a brown & green; 25a red; 40a claret; 50a dark gray & claret; 2k olive brown & myrtle green; 5k brown & indigo
This is the list for the original die in 1920. Some of these stamps were redrawn in 1931. The redrawn stamps in 1931 have fine verticle lines crossing the horizontal lines on the left side of the head, making the shading in that region appear darker and more solid.
  1921-1929 130,132,134
Surcharge on
Christian IX
5a on 16a brown; 20a on 25a brown & green; 20a on 40a violet; 50a on 5k orange brown & slate blue 10k on 2k olive brown & bring blue;
  1921 131,133,135
Surcharge on
Christian IX &
Frederik VIII
5a on 16a brown; 20a on 25a bister brown; 20a on 40a claret & violet 10k on 5k brown & slate
  1922-1926 139,150Surcharge on
Christian X
10a on 5a green; 1k on 40a dark blue
  1924-1925 140,141Surcharge on
embossed Frederik  VIII
10k on 50a claret; 10k on 1k yellow
  1925 149Surcharge on
embossed Jon Sigurdsson
2k on 25a orange
  1930 Jan 1 152-154
Parliament Building 3a dull violet & gray violet; 5a dark blue & slate green; 7a green & gray green; 15a deep ultramarine & blue gray; 20a rose red & salmon; 25a dark brown & light brown; 30a dark green; & slate green; 35a ultramarine & blue gray; 40a dark ultramarine, red & slate green; 50a red brown & cinamon; 1k olive green & gray green; 2k turquois blue & gray green; 5k orange & yellow; 10k magenta & dull rose
  1932 175Gullfoss 75a greenish blue Golden Falls
  1931-1933 177,178,179
Christian X
3a bister brown; 4a gray & red; 6a dark gray; 25a brown & green; 30a red & green; 40a claret; 1k dark blue & light brown; 2k chocolate & dark green; 10k yellow green & black
This is the list for the redrawn stamps which are different from the original die in 1920. These redrawn stamps have fine verticle lines crossing the horizontal lines on the left side of the head, making the shading in that region appear darker and more solid.
  1937 May 14 199-201Christian X 10a green; 30a brown; 40a claret
  1937 202Christian X 1e yellow green & red
  1939 206Geyser 40a dark brown
  1938 Dec 1 209-211University of Iceland 25a dark green; 30a brown; 40a bright red
  1939 Mar 17 212Surcharge 5a on 35a blue Matthias Jochumsson
  1939 216Worlds Fair 2k dark gray Statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni
  1943-1945 230,231Thorfinn Karlsefni
perf 14
5k dark brown; 10k brown yellow
  1947 230a,231aThorfinn Karlsefni
perf 11 1/2
5k dark brown; 10k brown yellow
  1940 May 11 232-235Worlds Fair
overprinted 1940
20a crimson Trylon & Perishere; 35a bright ultramarine Leif Ericsson's ship; 45a bright green Statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni; 2k dark gray Statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni;
  1941 Mar 6 236Surcharge 25a on 3a gray green Matthias Jochumsson
  1941 Nov 17 237-239Snorri Sturluson 25a rose red; 50a deep ultra; 1k dark olive green
  1944 Jun 17 242-245Jon Sigurdsson 50a slate green; 1k blue black; 5k henna; 10k golden brown
  1950-1952 261,262,268Definitives 60a green Flock of sheep; 75a red orange Tractor polowing; 5k dark green Flock of sheep
  1950 Nov 7 269Bishop Jon Arason 1.80k carmine
  1951 May 3 272Airmail 3k dark purple
  1952 Apr 1 273Parliament Building 25k gray black
  1952 Sept 1 274-277Sveinn Bjornsson 1.25k deep purple; 2.20k deep green; 5k indigo; 10k brown red
  1954 Jun 1 284,286Hannes Hafstein 1.25k deep blue; 5k carmine
  1956 Apr 4 289,294
Waterfalls 15a violet blue Skoga Falls; 2.45k gray black Andakilsar Falls; 3k dar blue Laxar Falls; 5k dark green Skoga Falls
  1956 Sept 29 297Telegraph Telephone 2.30k ultramarine map under star and lightning bolts symbol
  1956 Oct 30 298,299Whopper Swans 1.50k rose red; 1.75k ultramarine
  1957 Apr 1 300,301Sports 1.50k carmine Wrestling; 1.75k ultramarine Diving
  1957 May 8 302Glaciers 2k green Snaefellsjokull
  1957 Aug 1 305Bessastadir 25k gray black (President's Residence)
  1957 Nov 16 308Jonas Hallgrimsson 5k green & black
  1958 Dec 1 313,314Flag 3.50k bright ultramarine & red; 50k bright ultramarine & red
  1959 May 5 317Jon Thorkeisson 2k green
  1960 Mar 1 323Gyfalcon (bird) 25k dark purple, gray & yellow
  1961 Jun 17 337Jon Sigurdsson
5k deep plum
  1961 Aug 18 339Reykjavik 4.50k lilac & violet blue
  1961 Oct 6 344University of Iceland 10k green
  1962 Nov 20 350Telephone cable 7k green, light blue & red Map Showing Submaine Cable
  1963 Feb 20 352Sigurdur Gudmundsson 4k bister brown & chocolate
  1964 Sep 14 367Europa Flower 4.50k golder brown, yellow and prussian green
  1965 May 17 370,371ITU Centenary 4.50k green; 7.50k bright ultramarine
  1965 Jun 23 373,374Surstey Island 2k Island in April 1964; 3.50k Island in Sept 1964
  1965 Sep 27 375,376Europa Leaves & Fruit 5k tan, brown & bright green; 8k bright green, bronw & yellow green
  1965 Nov 16 377Einar Benediktsson 10k bright blue & brown
  1966 Apr 26 378High value definitive 50k White tailed sea eagle (bird)
  1965 Dec 3 379High value definitive 100k National Costume (woman standing)
  1966 Sep 26 384Europa Symbolic Sailboat 7k greeenish blue, light blue & red
  1967 Mar 16 388High value definitive 20k common loon (duck)
  1967 May 2 389,390Europa Gears 7k yellow brown & dark blue; 8k emerald, gray & dark blue
  1968 Apr 29 396Europa Key 10k bright yellow green, black & orange
  1968 Dec 12 403Jon Magnusson 50k dark brown
  1969 Apr 28 407Europa Building 14.50k yellow & multicoloured
  1969 Jun 17 40925 Anniversary of Repubic 100k light blue, gold, violet blue & red Flag & Rising Sun
  1969 Sep 3 410Aviation 9.50k dark blue & sky blue Airplane
  1971 Aug 19 434Tryggvi Gunnarsson 100k gray & violet black
  1974 463,464,470Definitives 15k Gudbrandur Thoralkkson (Bishop of Holar); 17k Age of Sturlungar (fighting Vikings); 70k Age of Writing Sculpture (Saemundar Riding Seal)
  1974 Oct 9 474UPU 17k Clerk selling stamps
  1975 May 12 479Europa 23k gold & multicolooured Painting - Sun Queen by J. S. Kjarval
  1975 Aug 1 480Stephen Staphansson 27k green & brown
  1975 Sep 18 481Petursson 18k slate greeen & indigo
  1975 Oct 15 485Red Cross 23k multicoloured
  1975 Nov 19 487Thorvaldson 27k light violet & multicoloured Statue
  1976 May 3 490,491Europa 35k vermillion & multicoloured Wooden Bowl; 45k blue & multicoloured Spinning Wheel
  1977 May 2 499Europa 85k Kirkjufell Mountain
  1977 Dec 12 503Touring Club 45k dark blue Stone Marker
  1977 Dec 12 505Thorvaldur Thoroddsen 60k green & violet brown
  1979 Nov 1 518Snorri Sturluson 200k Excerpt from Olafs Saga
  1979 Dec 12 525Famous Persons 170k carmine rose Thorfhildur Holm
  1980 Jan 24 527Animals 90k sepia Alopex lagopus
  1980 Apr 28 528Europa 140k dull rose & black Jon Sveinsson
  1980 Jul 8 530Year of the Tree 120k Mountain Ash Branch & Berries
  1980 Oct 16 534-536Animals 160k rose violet Sebastes Marinus; 170k black Fratercula Arctica; 190k dark brown Phoca Vitulina
  1981 Feb 24 539,540Famous Persons 170a bright ultramarine Magnus Stephensen; 190a olive green Finnur Magnusson
  1981 May 4 541Europa 180a Luftur the Sorcerer
  1981 Nov 24 550Christmas 200a Leaf Bread
  1982 Nov 16 566Christmas 350k Bells
  1983 Mar 24 571Nordic Cooperation 4.50k Mt. Sulur
  1983 May 5 573,574Thermal Energy 5k multicoloured; 5.50k multicoloured
  1984 Sep 11 594Flowers 7.50k Arctostaphylos uva-ursi
  1984 Nov 29 598Bible 7.50k
  1985 Mar 20 602Flowers 8k Rubus Saxatilis
  1985 Sep 10 613Famous Men 13k deep magenta Hannes Stephensen
  1986 Mar 19 619Birds 10k Anas acuta
  1986 May 5 622,623National Parks 10k Skaftafell; 12k Jokulsargljufur
  1986 May 27 624Towns 10k Stykkisholmur
  1986 Nov 13 636Christmas 12k Christmas Night Painting
  1987 Oct 9 648-651Booklet Stamps 13k Vulture; 13k Dragon; 13k Bull; 13k Giant
  1988 May 2 656-659Booklet Stamps 16k Vulture; 16k Dragon; 16k Bull; 16k Giant
  1988 May 2 661Communications 21k Fax machine
  1990 Feb 15 688-695Booklet Stamps 5k Vulture; 5k Dragon; 5k Bull; 5k Giant; 21k Vulture; 21k Dragon; 21k Bull; 21k Giant
  1992 Dec 3 765Falso Rusticolus 35k Adult Bird
  1994 Apr 18 780St. Brendan 35k Monks sailing past volcano
  1995 Mar 14 795-798Handball 35k Geyser; 35k Silhouette of Building; 35k Volcano; 35k Sunlight on Water
  1995 May 5 801Europa 35k Spell-Broken by Einar Jonsson
  1995 Oct 9 810Nordia '96 Souvenir Sheet of two stamps 10k and 150k
  1996 Oct 9 830Nordia '96 Souvenir Sheet of three stamps 45k, 65k & 90k
  1997 Apr 15 841Airplanes 35k De Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter
  1997 May 13 845Asgrimur Jonsson 65k Old woman reading to children
  1997 Oct 9 848Stamps Day Souvenir Sheet of 3 stamps 35k, 65k & 100k
  1998 Apr 16 858,859Fish 65k Raja Batis; 300k Anarhicus Lupus
  1998 May 12 861Holidays 65k Monument & Parade
  1998 Sep 3 863Minerals 45k Scolecite
  1998 Sep 3 864Leprosy Hospital 70k multicoloured
  1998 Oct 9 8651st Postage Stamp 35k multicoloured
  1998 Oct 9 866Agricultural Tools Souvenir Sheet of 3 stamps 35k, 65k & 100k