Wayne Berthin, 5435 Kiowa Road, Victoria BC, V9E 1J9, Canada
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Catalogue numbers based on Scott Catalogue, year 2007 edition
Last updated on October 8, 2007

Date Scott#Issue Description of stamps
  1840 2Queen Victoria - White Paper 2p blue
  1841 4Queen Victoria - Bluish Paper 2p blue
1847 5Queen Victoria - Embossed 1sh green
1848 6Queen Victoria - Embossed 10p red brown
1854 7Queen Victoria - Embossed 6p red violet
1854 8,10Bluish Paper - perf 16
wmk Small Crown
1p red brown; 2p blue
1855 9Bluish Paper - perf 16
wmk Small Crown
1p reb brown re-engraved
1855 11,12,13Bluish Paper - perf 14
wmk Small Crown
1p red brown; 1p red brown re-engraved; 2p blue
1855 14,15Bluish Paper - perf 16
wmk Large Crown
1p red bronw re-engraved; 2p blue
1855 17Bluish Paper - perf 14
wmk Large Crown
2p blue
1857-58 18,19White Paper - perf 16
wmk Large Crown
1p rose red re-engraved; 2p blue with thin linves
1857 21White Paper - perf 14
wmk Large Crown
2p blue with thin lines
1855 22,23Queen Victoria
wmk Small Garter
4p rose on bluish paper; 4p rose on white paper
1856 24,25Queen Victoria
wmk Medium Garter
4p rose on bluish paper; 4p rose on white paper
1855-57 26,28Queen Victoria
wmk Large Garter
4p rose; 1sh green
1869 30Queen Victoria
Numerals in all 4 corners
Lines Thinner
2p blue
1869-70 31,32Queen Victoria 1 1/2p lilac rose; 1 1/2p dull rose
1862 34Queen Victoria 4p vermillion
1862 37,39,40,42Queen Victoria 3p pale rose; 6p lilac; 9p straw; 1sh green
1865 46,47Queen Victoria 9p straw; 10p red brown
1867-80 49-57Queen Victoria 3p rose; 6p dull violet (no hyphen); 6p red violet; 9p bister; 10p red brown; 1sh green; 2sh blue; 2sh pale brown; 5sh rose
1872-73 59,60Queen Victoria 6p brown; 6p gray
1873-80 63,65Queen Victoria 6p buff; 1sh salmon
1875 66Queen Victoria
wmk Anchor
2 1/2p claret
1880 68Queen Victoria
wmk Orb
2 1/2p ultramarine
1876-80 69,70,71
Queen Victoria 4p vermillion; 4p pale olive green; 4p gray brown; 8p brown lilac; 10sh slate; £1 brown lilac
1880-83 80,83,84
Queen Victoria 1 1/2p red brown; 3p rose; 4p gray brown; 6p gray; 1sh salmon;
1882-83 90,91,92Queen Victoria 5sh rose on bluish; 10sh slate on bluish; £1 brown lilac on bluish
1882 93Queen Victoria £5 bright orange
1883 94,95Queen Victoria 3p on 3p violet; 6p on 6p violet
1883 96Queen Victoria 2sh6p lilac
1883-84 99,103-107Queen Victoria 1 1/2p lilac; 4p green; 5p green; 6p green; 9p green; 1sh green; 5sh carmine rose; 10sh ultramarine; £1 brown violet
1891 110Queen Victoria £1 brown violet
1888 123Queen Victoria
wmk Three Orbs
£1 brown violet
1891 124Queen Victoria
wmk Imperial Crown
£1 green
1900 126Queen Victoria 1sh carmine rose & green
1902-11 137King Edward VII 10p carmine & dull purple
1902-11 140-142King Edward VII 5sh carmine rose; 10sh ultramarine; £1 blue green
1912 155King George V
wmk Crown & GvR
1/2p yellow green Die I before re-engraving
1912 Oct 156A,156BKing George V
wmk Crown & GvR Multiple
1/2p yellow green Die II re-engraved; 1p scarlet Die II re-engraved
1912-13 167King George V
wmk Crown & GvR
6p rose lilac
1913-18 175,176Britannia Rule the Waves 10sh indigo; £1 green
1913 177,178Coil Stamps 1/2p green; 1p scarlet
1919 179-181Britannia retouched printed by
Bradbury Wilkinsion Co
2sh6p olive brown; 5sh carmine rose; 10sh blue
1924 185British Empire Exhibition 1p vermillion
1924 190,199King George V
wmk Crown & Block GvR Multiple
2p deep orange; 10p dull blue
1925 203,204British Empire Exhibition 1p; 1 1/2p dark brown vermillion
1929 May 10 209British Empire Exhibition £1 black
1936 219King George V 10p prussian blue
1934 222-224Britannia redrwan printed by
Waterlow & Sons
2sh6p brown; 5sh carmine; 10sh dark blue;
This redrawing has crossed lines in background of portrait (previous issues had horizontal lines)
1939-48 251,275King George VI 10sh indigo; £1 red brown
1947, Dec 29 268King & Queen £1 deep chalky blue
1951, May 3 289Designs £1 light red brown coat of arms
1987, Oct 13 1195Pottery 34p Hans Coper
1988, June 21 1224Australia Bicentennial 34p Cricket
1989, July 4 1284Industrial Archeology Souvenir Sheet
1993, Sept 14 1512Autumn Fruits 28p Filbert
1994, Jan 18 1537Age of Steam 41p
1995, Jan 17 1589Cats 35p Calico and Abyssinian
1995, June 6 1619H.G.Wells 41p Futuristic
1995, Oct 3 1632Rugby 35p Billy Batten
1996, Apr 16 1661,1662Motion Pictures 35p Rooster Emblem of Pathe News; 41p Theater Marquee
1996, May 14 1665Legendary Players 35p Duncan Edwards
1996, Aug 6 1696Women 37p Daphne du Maurier
1997, Mar 11 1731St.Augustine of Canterbury 37p
1997, Sept 9 1773Enid Blyton 37p Secret Seven
1998, Apr 23 1811Comedians 37p
1999, Dec 14 1989a-1989cMillennium Clock & Globe 64p North America; 64p Southeast Asia; 64p Middle East
2000, May 23 1942aStamp Show £1 dark green
2000, Aug 4 1943a-1943cQueen Mother 27p Queen Elizabeth; 27p Prince Wiliam; 27p Queen Mother;