DAHOMEY WANTLIST (postally used only - not mint or CTO)
Wayne Berthin, 5435 Kiowa Road, Victoria BC, V9E 1J9, Canada
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Scott Catalogue numbers based on year 2007 edition
Michel Catalogue numbers based courtesy of www.freestampcatalogue.com
Michel numbers are for reference only and if there is any descrepancy the Scott numbers govern.
Last updated on December 13, 2012
Values for Used Stamps: Where the catalogue value is higher for a used stamp than a mint stamp the higher value will apply only if the stamp is clearly postmarked from a time period close to the date of issue, and the cancellation appears to be a genuine postal cancel only (not a revenue cancel, a fiscal cancel, forged cancel, a favour cancel, a pen cancel, a CTO or a smudged or illegible cancel).
Regular Issues:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1901-1905 12,13,15,16 Navigation & Commerce 50c brown on azure (name in red); 75c deep violet on orange; 2F violet on rose; 5F red lilac on lavender
  1906 18,19,20 Gen. Louis Faidherbe 2c chocolate; 4c chocolate on gray blue; 5c green
  1906-1907 26,27,28 Oil Palm 45c chocolate on greenish; 50c deep violet; 75c blue on orange
  1906 29,30,31 Dr. Noel Eugene Ballay 1F black on azure; 2F blue on pink; 5F carmine on straw
  1912 36,40 Navigation & Commerce Surcharged 5c on 25c blue; 10c on 50c brown on azure with name in red
  1913-1938 48,56,68,78,79 Man climbing Oil Palm 10c yellow green & blue green; 30c chocolate & violet; 60c violet on pinkish; 1F dark red & red orange; 1.10F violet & bister
  1925 88,89 Man climbing Oil Palm Surcharged 65c on 15c brown orange & dark violet; 85c on 15c brown orange & dark violet;
  1924-1927 90,94,95 Man climbing Oil Palm Surcharged 25c on 2F orange & chocolate; 3F on 5F olivine & deep orange; 10F on 5F blue violet & red brown
  1931 97-100 Colonial Exposition 40c deep green; 50c violet; 90c red orange; 1.50F dull blue
  1937 101,102,103,10696,97,98,101Paris International Exposition 20c deep violet; 30c dark green; 40c carmine rose; 1.50F ultramarine
  1937 107Block 1Paris International Exposition 3F Souvenir Sheet
  1939 112114New York World Fair 2.25f Ultramarine
  1941 117129Man Poling Canoe 15c black
  1941 123135Pile House 70c bright red violet
  1941 124,126-129136,138-141Sailboat on Lake Nokoue 80c brown black; 1.30F brown violet; 1.40F green 1.50F bright rose; 2F brown orange
  1941 134146Dahomey Warrior 20F black
  1961 Aug 1 149186Hubert Maga Surcharged 100F on 85F deep claret & black
  1961 Dec 24 152190Village Ganvie Overprinted 2fF dark blue, brown & red, Overprinted "JEUX SPORTIFS D'ABIDJAN"
  1963 Feb 18 170210Bariba chief of Nikki 65F orange brown & chocolate
  1964 Dec 11 195243UNICEF 25F blue, dark red & black, mother & child
  1965 Apr 12 201250Tapestries 85F Animals, ship & plants
  1965 Sept 20 208261Fish 50F black, gray blue & orange, Blackish tripletail
  1966 Mar 21 213268Cathedrals 50F violet brown; prussian blue & brown, Ouidah Church
  1967 Mar 20 234306Lions Club 100F dull violet, dull blue & green
  1967 Jun 12 236316EXPO 67 Montreal 70F green & brown red
  1967 Jul 20 238320Europafrica 45F purple, beige & multicolored, blood circulation and map
  1967 Aug 7 240322Scouting 70F bright blue, slate green & dark brown, launching canoe
  1967 Sept 2 242,243 Grenoble Winter Olympics 45F ultramarine, green & brown, View of Grenoble; 100F chocolate, green & bright blue, Rhone Bridge
  1969 Feb 10 254-256271-273Animals 60F dark green & multicoloured, Crocuta Crocuta (hyena); 75F dark blue & multicoloured, Papio Anubis (baboon); 90F dark green & multicoloured, Alcelaphus Buselaphus
  1969 Dec 15 266396Tourist Year 45F Sato Dance
  1970 Aug 24 279,282333,336Horsemen 10F blue & multicoloured; 70F lilac rose & multicoloured
  1971 Jun 7 284451Anit racism 100F green, red & blue, Heart & Globe
  1971-1972 288,290,291,292458,460,491,461Emblems of Kings of Abomey 35F green & multicoloured, Bird & Cup; 100F red & multicoloured, Bull tree & Birds; 135F multicoloured, Fish; 140F brown & multicoloured, Lion & Sword
  1972 Feb 293470Winter Olympics, Sapporo 35F dark carmine, brown & blue green, Long distance skiing
  1972 294469United Nations Surcharged 35F on 40F ultramarine, brown & slate green
  1972 Nov 2 300497West African Currency 40F chocolate, ocher & gray
  1973 Jun 25 304514Coat of Arms 35F ocher & multicoloured
  1973 July 306523INTERPOL 35F vermilion, green & brown
  1973 Aug 2 309525World Health Organization 100F Prenatal examination
  1973 Sept 12 311529African Postal Union 100F red, purple & black
  1973 Sep 18 312-314531-533Fish 5F slate blue & indigo, Epinephelus Aeneus; 15F black & bright blue, Drepane Africanna; 35F emerald, ocher & sepia, Pragus Ehrenbergi
  1974 Feb 14 317-320548-551Folktales 5F Elephant, Hen, Dog; 10F Sparrowhawk, Dog; 25F Chameleon in a Tree; 40F Eagle, Viper, Hen
  1974 Apr 25 321-323554-556Dogs 40F German Shepherd; 50F Boxer; 100F Saluki
  1974 May 29 324557Council of Accord 40F blue, yellow & multicoloured, Map & Flags
  1974 Sep 2 325-328590-593Trains 35F Locomotive 1911; 40F Frieght 1877; 100F Crampton 1849; 200F Stephenson 1846
  1974 Oct 31 329599World Savings Day 35F Globe and People in Bank
  1975 Aug 4 330,331,333620,621,623Folk Dances 10F yellow & multicoloured; 25F dark green & multicoloured; 100F olive & multicoloured
  1975 Aug 11 334,335624,625Dahomey/Nigeria Cooperation 65F Flags on Globe; 100F Map and Arrows
  1975 Aug 18 336,337626,627Electric Community 40F green & red Hydro lines; 150F yellow, brown & red, Hydro lines
  1975 Aug 25 338629Cooperation for a New Society 35F red, blue, yellow, Map & Rising Sun
  1975 Sep 22 339632Albert Schweitzer 200F olive, green & red brown
  1975 Oct 20 340,341634,635Women's Year 50F prussian blue & lilac, Woman Speaking on Telephone; 150F emeral, brown & orange, IWY Emblem & Linked Rings
  1975 Dec 8 342-345642-645Flowers - Yvert 360-363 10F lilac & multicoloured Allamanda Cathartica; 35F gray & multicoloured Ixora Coccinea; 45F steel blue & multicoloured Hibiscus; 60F blue & multicoloured Phaemeria Magnifica
for Scott listing see Benin
Semi-Postal Stamps:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1939 B3-B7115-119French Revolution 45c+25c green; 70c+30c brown; 90c+35c red; 1.25F+1F rose pink; 2.245F+2F blue
  1941 B8-B11150-153Regular Issues Surcharged in Black 50c+1F brown red & blue; 80c+2F henna brown & ultramarine; 1.50F+2F dark blue & light blue; 2F+3F yellow orange & chocolate
  1941 B12-B14 Defence of the Empire 1F+1F red Radio Operator; 1.50F+3F claret Infantryman; 2.50F+1F blue Artillarymen
  1944 B14A-B14B170,171Colonial Development 50c+1.50F on 2.50F deep blue; +2.50F on 1F green
  1962 Apr 7 B15192Anti-Malaria 25F+5F orange brown
Airmail Stamps:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1940 C1-C5120-124Airplane over Tropical Coast 1.90F ultramarine; 2.90F dark red; 4.50F dark gray green; 4.90F yellow bister; 6.90F deep orange
  1942 C11,C12165,166Airplane over Camel Train 10F ultramarine, indigo & orange; 20F rose carmine, magenta & gray black
  1967 Jan 20 C36297Birds 250F Emerald Cuckoos
  1967 May 8 C52310Sailing Ships 45F Esmeralda
  1967 May 29 C55,C56313,314Kennedy Issue Surcharged 125F on 100F Lincoln (blue); 125F on 100F Kennedy (green)
  1967 Jul 19 C58318Europafrica 70F Paiting of Konrad Adenauer by Osca Kokoschka
  1968 Jun 17 C71-C73346-348Martin Luther King, Jr. 30F We must meet hate with creative love; 55F King side view; 100F King from view
  1968 Oct 7 C84359Postal Transportation 70F Mail Truck & Train
  1968 Nov 25 C90,C91365,366Paintings by Foujita 70F The Annunciation; 100F The Virgin & Child
  1969 Apr 14 C98,C99380,381Napoleon Bonaparte 60F Napoleon I in 1809 by Robert Lefevre; 75F Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau by Antoine Jean Gros
  1969 July C102386Apollo 8 1000F gold foil
  1969 Dec 15 C108398Tourist Year 70F Teke Dance
  1969 Dec 20 C110400Paintings 45F Nativity, Swabian School
  1971 Jul 19 C144454Euroafrica 50F light blue, orange & black, Jet Airliner
  1972 Jun 12 C165486Munich Olympics 150F ultramarine brown & green, Shot put
  1972 Nov 13 C170499Munich Olympics Overprinted 20F green, brown & ultramarine, Running, Overprinted 2 MEDAILLES D'OR
  1972 Dec 11 C174503Paintings by Georges de La Tour 35F Vielle Player
  1972 Dec 15 C176,C177505,506Paintings 35F Annuncuiation, School of Agnolo Gaddi; 125F Nativity by Simone dei Crocifissi
  1973 JUl 2 C182-C184516-518Scouting - Yvert 185-187 15F blue, green & chocolate, Boating; 20F olive & prussian blue, Lord Baden Powell; 40F green, prussian blue & brown, Building a Bridge
  1973 Aug 20 C186528Copernicus 125F blue, slate green & purple
  1973 Sept 17 C187530African Weeks, Brussels 100F black prussian blue & dark green
  1973 Oct 1 C189535Europafrica 35F EUROPAFRIQUE
  1974 Feb 4 C199552Meteorological issue overprinted 200F on 100F and overprinted "OPERATION SKYLAB 1973-1974"
  1974 Jun 7 C202,C203559,560Anniversaries 125F Marie Curie; 150F Winston Churchill
  1974 Jul 19 C217572Scouting issue surcharged 100F or 15F with JAMBOREE overprint
  1974 Jul 26 C219574World Cup Soccer surcharged 100F on 40F overprinted "R F A 2 HOLLANDE 1"
  1974 Aug 20 C234589Paintings 250F Girl with Falcon by Phillipe de Champaigne
  1974 Sep 23 C235-C237594-596Prehistoric Animals 35F Rhamphorhynchus; 150F Stegosaurus; 200F Tyrannosaurus
  1974 Dec 20 C250612Europafrica 250F red & multicoloured, Globe, Cogwheel & Emblem
  1975 Jul 16 C255-C257617-619Space 35F Apollo & Soyuz Spacecraft; 200F Flags & Rocket; 500F Apollo Soyuz Linkup
  1975 Jul 17 C259628ARPHILA 100F blue, lilac & black
  1975 Sept 29 C261633Europafrica 300F Holy Family by Michelangelo
  1975 Nov 18 C262,C263636,637American Bicentennial 75F green, carmine & purple, Infantry; 135F blue, magenta & sepia, Drummers
  1975 Nov 24 C266640Montreal Summer Olympics 40F violet, greenish blue & olive brown, Diving
  1975 Dec 19 C242,C243648,649Paintings 140F Adoration by Charles Lebrun; 300F The Virgin with the blue Diadem by Raphael
For Scott numbers see Benin
Airmail Semi-Postal Stamps:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1942 Jun 22 CB1-CB3156-158Native Children's Welfare Fund 1.50F+3.50F green Maternity Hodspital Dakar; 2F+6F brown Dispensary, Mopti 3F+9F carmine red Mirse Weighing Baby
  1942 Jun 22 CB4159Colonial Education Fund 1.20F+1.80F blue & red
Airmail Parcel Post Stamps:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1967-1969 CQ1-CQ5CP8-CP12Airmail Overprinted
200F on 200F; 300F on 100F; 500F on 300F; 1000F on 500F; 5000F on 100F
Postage Due Stamps:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1906 J1-J8 Numerals and Natives Heads 5c green on greenish; 10c red on brown; 15c dark blue; 20c black on yellow; 30c red on straw; 50c violet; 60c black on buff; 1F black on pinkish
  1914 J10,J13-J16 Numerals 10c rose; 30c blue; 50c black; 60c orange; 1F violet
  1927 J17,J18 Numerals Surcharged 2F on 1F lilac rose; 3F on 1F orange brown
  1941 J19-J28 Carved Mask 5c black; 10c lilac rose; 15c dark blue; 20c bright yellow green; 30c orange; 50c violet brown; 60c slate green; 1F rose red; 2f yellow; 3F dark purple
  1944 J28A,J28B,J28C Carved Mask without RF 10c lilac rose; 15c dark blue; 20c bright yellow green
  1963 Jul 22 J33T36Panther 20F violet blue & orange
  1967 Oct 24 J40-J43T43-T46Triangles 10F Mail Truck; 10F Radio Tower; 30F Jet Plane; 30F Satellite
Parcel Post Stamps:
Date Scott#Michel#Issue Description of stamps
  1967 Jan Q1-Q7CP1-CP7Overprinted COLIS POSTAUX 5F on 1F; 10F on 2F; 20F on 6F; 25F on 3F; 30F on 4F; 50F on 10F; 100F on 20F