AUSTRIA WANTLIST (postally used only - no mint or CTO)
Wayne Berthin, 5435 Kiowa Road, Victoria BC, V9E 1J9, Canada
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Catalogue numbers based on Scott Catalogue, year 2000 edition
Last updated on February 20, 2013

Date Scott#Issue Description of stamps
1850 1,1b,4Coat of Arms 1kr yellow; 1kr orange; 6kr brown
1858-59 6,6b,7,8
Emperor Franz Josef 2kr yellow; 2kr orange, 3kr black; 3kr green; 5kr red; 10kr brown; 15kr blue
1863 12,13Emperor Franz Josef
Oval Design Embossed
2kr yellow; 3kr green
1864 17,18,20,21Coat of Arms
Oval Design Embossed
2kr yellow; 3kr green; 10kr blue; 15kr yellow brown
1863 22,23,25,26Coat of Arms
Oval Design Embossed
2kr yellow; 3kr green; 10kr blue; 15kr yellow brown
1867 31,32,33Emperor 15kr brown; 25kr gray lilac; 50kr light brown
1883 45,46Coat of Arms 20kr gray; 50kr red lilac
1890-96 58,61-65Emperor Black numerals in circles 20kr olive green; 50kr violet; 1g dark blue; 1g pale lilac; 2g carmine; 2g gray green
1900-02 80Emperor Black numerals on coloured background
no varnish bars
40h green
1901 70a,78a,81aEmperor Black numerals on coloured background
with varnish bars
1h lilac; 30h red violet; 50h gray blue;
1900-04 85Emperor high value design 4kr gray green
1905-07 86,93Emperor coloured numerals on white background
no varnish bars
1h lilac; 12h violet
1905-07 98a,99a,100aEmperor coloured numerals on white background
with varnish bars
20h brown; 25h ultramarine; 30h red violet
1905-07 102,105Emperor white numerals
no varnish bars
40h deep violet; 72h rose
1905-07 101a,103aEmperor white numerals
with varnish bars
35h green; 50h dull blue
1908-1913 126,127Jubilee Issue 5k bistre & dark violet Hofburg Vienna; 10k blue, bistre & deep brown Franz Josef
1910 128-144Jubilee Issue with 1830 and 1910 Labels at top and bottom 1h gray black; 2h violet; 3h magenta; 5h yellow green; 6h buff; 10h rose; 12h scarlet; 20h chocolate; 25h deep blue; 30h olive green; 35h slate; 50h dark green; 60h deep carmine; ik purple; 2k lake & olive green; 5k bister & dark violet; 10k blue, bister & deep green
1916 161-163Coat of Arms 3k claret; 4k deep green; 10k deep violet
1917 166,167Coat of Arms
Ordinary Paper
4k yellow green; 10k violet
1918-19 173-175Coat of Arms
Granite Paper
3k carmine rose; 4k yellow green; 10k violet
1918-19 199Coat of Arms
Overprinted Deutfchofterreich
10K Deep Violet
1919-20 207Post Horn
Ordinary Paper
15h bister
1923-24 296,298Symbols of Art & Science 3,000k claret brown; 10,000k red brown
1925-27 322Definitives 80g turquoise blue White-Sholdered Eagle
1932 352Designs (Small Size) 60g gray green Hohenems
1934-35 371Costumes 2s dull green Military
1935 372,373Costumes redrawn 6g ultramarine Niederosterreich; 2s emerald Military
1936, July 25 380Dollfuss 10s dark blue
1937, June 9 382,383S.S.Maria Anna 12g red brown; 24g deep blue
1937 388,389Rose and Zodiac Signs 12g dark green; 24g dark carmine
1945 390-393German Hitler stamps overprinted "Osterreich" 5pf deep yellow green; 6pf purple; 8pf red; 12pf cramine
1945 394-397German Semi-postal Stamps overprinted "OSTERREICH" 5pf on 12pf + 88pf green; 6pf on 6pf + 14pf deep brown 8pf on 42pf + 108pf brown; 12pf on 3pf + 7pf dull blue;
1945 398-404German stamps over printed with many verticle lines and "Osterreich" 5pf deep yellow; 5pf deep green; 6pf purple; 8pf red; 12pf carmine; 30pf olive green; 42pf bright green
1945 405-427German Stamps for use in Styria over printed "Osterreich" between 3 lines on each side 1pf gray black; 3pf light brown; 4pf slate; 5pf deep yellow green; 6pf purple; 8pf red; 10pf dark brown; 12pf carmine; 15pf brown lake; 16pf pck green; 20pf blue; 24pf orange brown; 25pf bright ultramarine; 30pf olive green; 40pf bright red violet; 42pf bright green; 50pf murtle green; 60pf dark red brown; 80pf indigo; 1m dark slate green; 2m violet; 3m copper red; 5m dark blue
1945 428-431German Stamps over printed "Osterreich" between 3 lines on each side (wider overprint) 1m dark slate green; 2m violet; 3m copper red; 5m dark blue
1947 477Scenes 90g prussian green Wayside Shrine Tragoss Styria
1947 488Scenes 60g violet blue Railroad near Semmering
1947 Sep 1 492Scenes 75g on 38g brown olive Langbath Lake
1947-48 511Scenes in red 90g bright red Wayside Shrine Tragoss Styria
1948 517Adalbert Stifter 40g chocolate
1948-49 518,519Famous Persons 40g dark green Anton Bruckner; 60g rose brown Friedrich von Amerling
1948, Nov 12 557Karl Renner 1s deep blue
1948, Dec 18 558Gruber & Mohr 60g red brown
1949-51 560,574,
Composers 30g violet brown Strauss; 60g dark blue green Lanner; 1s dark blue Karl Millocker
1949, Oct 8 565-567UPU 40g dark green; 60g dark carmine; 1sh dark violet blue
1950 568,570Famous Persons 30g dark blue Alexander Girardi; 60g dark violet Andre Hofer
1950, May 20 572Stamp on Stamp 1s black on straw
1951, June 28 575Martin Johan Schmidt 1s brown red
1951-52 577Famous Persons 1s deep green Karl von Ghega
May 24, 1952 580Vienna Zoological Gardens 1.50s dark green Breakfast Pavilion Schonbrunn
July 1, 1952 581Socialist Youth Camp 1.50s dark blue Globe as Dot over I
Aug 13, 1952 582Nilolaus Lenau 1s deep green
Sept 6, 1952 583School Girl 2.40s deep violet blue
1953, Feb 21 587Hugo Wolf 1.50s dark blue
1953, Oct 17 589Theater, Linz 1.50s dark gray
1954, Jan 21 591Moritz von Schwind 1.50s purple
1954, Aug 4 594,595Famous Persons 1s dark blue green Johan Michael Rotmayr; 1.50s violet blue Carl Auer von Welsbach
1954, Oct 2 596Church Music 1s brown
1954, Nov 30 597Christmas 1s dark blue
1954, Dec 18 598State Printing Plant 1s salmon & black
1955, Apr 27 599,602Austria's Liberation 70g rose violet Parliament Buildings; 1.50s brown Public Housing;
1955, May 20 605Trade Unions 1s indigo Three Workers climbing Globe
1955, July 25 607Burgtheater 2.40s dark blue
1956, July 20 613Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach 1.50s brown
1957, Jan 11 614Theodor Korner 1.50s gray black
1957, July 27 618Mount Gasherbrum II 1.50s gray blue
1958, Nov 12 636Pres. Theodor Körner 1.50s deep green
1959, May 20 641Animals 1.50s blue violet Roe Buck
1959, May 30 644Joseph Haydn 1.50s violet brown
1959-70 648-648CSports 1.50s blue green; 1.80s carmine Vaulting Horse; 2s rose lake Hurdler; 2.20s bluish black Hammer Thrower
1959, Apr 19 649Harp 2.40s dull blue & black
1960, May 20 652Youth Hostel 1s carmine rose
1960, June 20 653Anton Eiselsberg 1.50s buff & dark brown
1961, May 29 661Transportation 3s rose red & olive
1961, June 12 663Art 1.50s dull violet "The Kiss"
1962, Mar 26 679Electric Power 3s brown Grossraming Dam;
1962, May 25 682Johann Nestroy 1.50s intense blue
1962, Oct 12 686Forests 1.50s reddish brown
1963, Aug 30 706St.Florian 1.5s bright rose & black
1963, Oct 18 709Prince Eugene 1.50s violet
1964, Apr 17 721-723Flowers 1.80s Clematis; 2.20s Dahlia; 3s Morning Glory
1964, Jun 11 728Brothers of Mercy 1.50s dark blue Brother over Patient
1964, June 15 731-733UPU Issue 1.50s violet blue Schwind; 1.80s bright violet Raffalt; 2.20s black Klein;
1965 746-748Famous Persons 1.50s violet Simmelweis; 1.50s bluish black Suttner; 3s dark brown Raimund;
1965, Oct 25 754United Nations 3s black, bright blue & red
1966, Mar 11 758Maria von Ebner Eschenbach 3s plum
1966, Apr 19 759Ferris Wheel 1.50s slate green
1966, May 27 761Wiener Neustadt 1.50s Coat of Arms
1966, May 27 762National Bank 3s gray gren, dark brown & dark green
1966, Aug 17 764-768Alpine Flowers 1.50s Columbine; 1.80s Turks's cap; 2.20s Wulfenia carinthiaca; 3s Globeflowers; 4s Fire liliy
1967, Feb 15 786Blue Danube Waltz 3s deep claret
1967, Mar 7 788Hockey 3s pale green & dark blue
1967, Oct 24 799Trade Fairs 2s chocolate & buff Main Gate to Fair, Prater
1967, Nov 7 803Land Records 2s olive black Survey Monument
1967, Nov 15 804Margrave Leopold III 1.80s Stained glass window
1968, May 7 809Mother's Day 2s slate green Mother & Child
1968, May 24 811Embroidery 3.50s blue black Bride with Lace
1968, June 14 814Peter Rosegger 2s slate green
1968, July 15 815Angelica Kauffmann 2s intense black
1968, Dec 11 824-827Baroque Frescoes 2s Rohrenbach-Greillenstein; 2s Altenburg; 2s Melk; 2s Maria Treu
1969, Jan 28 832Statues in St.Stephen's Cathedral 2s gray violet
1969, May 23 840a,d,e,g,hVienna Opera House 2s Don Giovanni, Mozart; 2s Lohengrin, Wagner; 2s Don Carlos, Verdi; 2s Rosencavalier, Richard  2s Rosencavelier, Richard Strauss; 2s Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky
1969, Sept 26 849Etchings 2s Brueghel
1969, Oct 3 854Franz Jonas 2s gray & violet blue
1969, Oct 31 856Old Savings Box 2s silver & slate green
1970 874,875Operattas 2s pale green & sepia; 3.50s pale blue & indigo
1976, Oct 25 1042h,1042iCoats of Arms 2s Burgenland; 2s Vienna
1978-1982 1100,1102
Scenic Definitives 20g violet blue & dark blue Freistadt; 3s Small Size light ultramarine and violet blue Bishofsmutze; 4.20s black & greenish blue Hirschegg; 5.60s yellow green & olive green Riezlern, Kleinwalsertal
1979, Sept 14 1131Road Congress 4s View trough tunnel portal
1979, Oct 1 1134Save Energy 2.50s multicoloured
1979, Oct 24 1139Front of Locomotive 2.50s multicoloured
1980, Oct 23 1166Gazette 2.50s 300th anniversary of Official Gazette of Linz
1980, Nov 28 1172ASVG 2.50s lime green & orange 25th Anniversary of Sovial Security
1981, Apr 6 1173Niebelungen Saga 3s sepia
1982, Sept 9 1222Endangered Species 4s Beaver
1983, Sept 9 1252Visit of Pope 6s Pope John Paul II
1983, Sept 9 1262Christmas 3s ALter picture, St. Nikola/Pram Church
1984, May 4 1270Kostendorf 4.50s multicoloured Town, Church, Coat of Arms
1986, Aug 8 1356Salzburg Railway 4s multicoloured Trains
1986, Sep 3 1368Tepestry 4s multicoloured Silk Viennese Hunting
1988, Mar 22 1423Muhlkreis Railway 4s Steam Locomotive
1988, Oct 18 1441Exports 8s Holographic stamp
1988, Nov 11 1445Leopold Schonbauer 4s multicoloured
1989, Mar 24 1449Marianne Hainisch 6s multicoloured
1989, Mar 31 1450Gliding 6s Glider Plane and Parachutist
1989, Oct 2 1480Law 6s Justice Palace, Vienna
1990, Apr 27 1500Anthering 7s Church
1990, June 5 1507Christus Medicus 7s Christ Healing the Sick by Rembrandt
1990, June 20 1511Mathias Zdarsky 5s Skier
1990, Aug 3 1513Joseph Perkonig 5s gold & brown
1991, Mar 22 1533aMozart 5s Portrait of Mozart
1991, May 31 1541Karawanken Tunnels 7s multicoloured
1991, Sep 27 1546Paracelsus 4.50s multicoloured
1991, Oct 2 1547Space 9s Satillite
1991, Oct 4 1548,1549Folk Festivals 4.50s Almabtrieb, Tyrol; 5s Winzerkrone, Vienna;
1991, Nov 29 1553Julius Raab 4.50s red brown & brown
1992, Mar 27 1560Vienna Philharmonic 5.50s Souvenir Sheet
1992, Apr 30 1567Zeller & Millocker 6s multicoloured
1992, May 8 1570Rhine River 7s multicoloured
1992, June 17 1575Surgeons 6s multicoloured
1992, Nov 27 1586Herman Potocnik 10s Globe and Satellite
1993, Feb 19 1591Typewriter 17s multicoloured
1993, June 11 1621Folk Festivals 7s Cracking whip when snow is melting
1993, Oct 8 1629Council of Europe 7s Heads by Hundertwasser
1994, Jan 28 1635Folklore 7s Godparent's Bowl
1995, May 19 1677Europa 7s multicoloured
1995, May 26 1678Transportation 7s Airplane, Ship, Train, Automobile
1995, June 26  1681United Nations 10s Flags on ring
1996, May 17 1703Working Environment 6s Chef & Waitress
1996, June 21 1707Olympics 10s multicoloured
1996, Oct 25 1710a,c,e-jMillenium 6s Deed by Otto II; 7s Duke Henry II; 7s Rudolf IV; 7s Dr.Karl Renner, 1st Rupublic; 10s Emperor Maximilian; 10s State Treaty of 1955, 2nd Republic; 20s Imperial Crown of Rudolf II; 20s Austria, Europe
1996, Nov 22 1711Painting 7s 'Power Station' by Reinhard Artberg
1999, May 28 1786Religious Art 8s Marble Relief of St. Martin
1999, Nov 12 1802Stories & Legends 32s Discovery of Erzberg
2000, June 2 1821a-dFriedensreich Hundertwasser 7s Silver; 7s red; 7s red violet; 7s black
2001, Apr 20 184275th Anniversary of Salzburg Airport 14s Early view of airport (75 Jahre Salzburger Flughafen)
2001, June 8 1845U.N.E.S.C.O. 35s Railway viaduct (Weltkulturerbe UNESCO, Semmeringbahn)
2001, June 8 1847United Nations 21s Emblem and refugee (50 Jahre UNO-Flüchtlingshochkommissariat)
2001, Aug 24 1837Folklore (Volksbrauchtum) 7s Water Disk Shooting, Preberschiessen, Salzburg
2001, Sep 14 1852Traditional Arts 10s "Pluviale" clerical vestments (Altes Kunsthandwerk)
2001, Oct 5 1858Domestic Animals 19s "Cat King" caricature by Manfred Deix (Haustiere)
2002, Jan 1 1861Introduction of the Euro € 3.27 Map of Europe, stars and Euro coin
2002, Jan 1 1872Euro Definitives € 0.73 Am Farmhouse (Steinernen Meer), Salzburg
2002, Feb 8 1882Winter Olympics € 0.73 Cartoon like picture of down hill skiers
2002, Feb 14 1883Love € 0.87 Bouquet of Flowers
2002, Mar 8 1884Women's Day € 0.51 abract painting "Woman Power" giant woman in city
2002 1885-1887Youth Philately Cartoons € 0.58 Mel and Lucy (girls); € 0.58 Sicso and Mauritius (boy and dog); € 0.58 Edison and Gogo (girl and boy)
2002, Apr 5 1888"Love" € 0.58 Red Roses